To My Princess 3 – 5 Months

To my Princess 3,

You’ve been in our lives for 5 months already yet it feels so much longer. I keep getting quite emotional about the way time is passing us by in a flash.

At 5 months you weigh 12lbs 3oz. Everyone has started to see the change in your weight. You’re much more chunky and feeling filled out.

You’re definitely out of the newborn stage. You wake and play with the things around you. Holding and passing things in your hands.

You had your tongue tie snipped the other day which went smoothly. I was so worried but you didn’t even cry. I hope this helps you in the future.

On average, you sleep better during the night but are still spending day naps in my arms. In the evening I won’t let you go to bed, you stay sleeping in my arms. I’m too worried something bad will happen to you.

This next month will see you having your first tastes and hopefully rolling over?! I think you’re a little slow with this but I guess everyone’s different.

I love you little lady.

Mummy x5 months

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  1. Aww! She is gorgeous! I can’t believe she is 5 months already! That has flown over x

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