To My Princesses – Letter 1

(I’ve decided to do a dedicated post each Wednesday for my two Princesses. They were both born on a Wednesday so it seems appropriate for the post to be done on a Wednesday and I’d love for them to be able to read about their lives when they grow up.)

To my Princesses,

I started this blog as an online diary about my life with the two of you and I hope I haven’t embarrassed you too much.

This week has been a really good week for us all. I’ve published a book, we’ve been to TumbleTown, we’ve visited Nannie and said goodbye to your Great-Aunt, Great-Uncle and cousins. Both of you really enjoyed having them over from Canada.

Girls, I don’t always manage to cope but this week I feel like things are slowly getting into a routine with us all. I hope you love me all the same anyway.

Princess 1

Today, you are 4 years and 14 weeks old. This week you have been a bit naughty but in that naughtiness you have such intelligence it scares me. You are so independent and social.

You have been very arty this week; drawing pictures and painting an elephant that you got for Christmas. You ended up putting the paint everywhere but luckily Mummy was able to clear it up before Daddy, Nanny and Grandad got home.

This week you were so brave for me. Mummy really hurt her finger and was crying in front of you – you looked so concerned but you helped to soothe your little sister’s cries whilst I put a plaster on my finger. Daddy bought you Randoms to say thank you for being so brave.

Every day you become closer with your sister. You have been a little heavy handed with her but we all know it’s only because you love her and want her to be able to play.

You made an Easter Bunny at nursery on Monday – it shows your artist skills. We definitely have a little artist in our family.

Princess 2

Today, you are 7 weeks old. This week has been a week of training for you; you are beginning to form your personality more and more each day. We understand that you like to be held but sometimes get a little over stimulated and just want to have your own space.

You are beginning to have a routine – at night! You only wake once or twice depending on when Mummy and Daddy go to bed. You start off in your moses basket but always end up snuggled in bed with Mummy and Daddy at your feed. This is mainly because Mummy always falls asleep before you’ve finished.

This week you have really truly smiled and you now smile at least once a day. Today you laughed as Mummy peeked through your vest before I put it over your head. I am trying to figure out what makes you smile. It’s usually in the mornings.

Every morning you are awake between 6-7am and then you sleep until 9am! You do this every morning.

This week I have tried my best to let you self-soothe. You have adopted such a sad face when you cry  and that pulls at my heart and I give in. But the majority of the time you are self-soothing and I’m so proud of that.

Lots of Love, Mummy x



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  1. Lovely post – will be great to look back on these in years to come. I didn’t realise your second princess was born so close to mine, who is 8 weeks tomorrow! X

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