To My Princesses – Letter 2

To my Princesses,

This week we’ve done a lot. It’s been Daddy’s birthday so we spent a day at Bedgebury forest to watch Daddy do Go Ape – the weather was freezing but we had a great time. Today we went to Tropical Wings Zoo which again the weather was freezing but we had a great time with Nanny. Nanny bought two new baby rabbits today which P1 you are very excited about.

Princess 1

Today, you are 4 years and 15 weeks old. This week I won’t lie you’ve been a struggle! You seem to think it’s ok to be naughty recently. You talk over people and do the exact opposite to what you’ve been asked to do. However, I’ve had several moments where I am truly proud of you and of course I love you under the naughtiness.

We’ve had Easter egg hunts with Nanny. This Easter there has been far too much chocolate received in this house but you are completely in your element! You love chocolate.

We went to watch Daddy and Grandad D do Go Ape on Sunday which was very cold but you got very excited about Daddy being high in the trees.

Today, we went to Tropical Wings Zoo and you found the talking bird called Eric hilarious. We enjoy watching the animals and you fed a Wallaby.

Princess 2

Today, you are 8 weeks old. This means you had to have your immunizations today. I was so nervous about hearing you cry but I just had to keep thinking about the positive side of the cries – immunizations are life saving!

You are smiling more, especially in the mornings, a good night sleep definitely makes you happy.

You are a very active and alert baby everyone says so! I hope this isn’t the vision of our future because I don’t think I’ll be able to find the energy to keep up with you.

We bought you a Sophie La Girafe and a Mama Bear; you are definitely preferring the Mama Bear as she’s soft and cuddly. We’ll keep working on Sophie as she’ll be great for when you are teething.

Lots of love, Mummy x

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  1. I want to get my LO a Sophie La Girafe! Cutest toy!!!
    Does P#2 have any favorite toys yet?

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