To My Princesses – Letter 3

To my Princesses,

This week feels like it has been really busy but in reality, looking back I don’t think it has been that busy. I have made a schedule for our home, a cleaning schedule so that has pretty much taken over my days now which is great really. I’m finally getting into a routine so we can all be a little more organised. I took you girls to Hobbycraft; P1 I’ve never seen you so amazed by something, you thoroughly enjoyed your time there and we spent too much money. I created a craft box this week for you both it’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages – it has everything you need to get really messy!

Princess 1

Today, you are 4 years and 16 weeks old. You seem to be really against eating at the moment, if I hand you a plate of chocolate you’ll gobble it all down without a fuss, but if I give you your proper meal you’ll turn your nose up and refuse to eat. It’s making Mummy and Daddy quite upset because we desperately need you to eat. I’ve had to go back to feeding you which seems to be the only way I can get a decent amount of food in your tiny belly.

You weren’t very well this week but on that day you did make me smile. We asked you to be sick down the toilet, instead, you looked at it and threw up on the floor. It was a funny moment in a not so funny situation.

You’ve become very close to your sister this week and been very helpful. I can’t tear you two apart. You love to talk, cuddle and kiss her and it’s fantastic to watch. You had a tough time adjusting but now it’s as if we’ve always been a 4 person family. Your behaviour has definitely got better as the week has gone by.

On the first day of my cleaning schedule you were so helpful. You gathered all the dirty cups and plates and helped put them in the dishwasher. You used the dust pan and brush to sweep up the washing powder I had spilled. You helped put the wet washing into the tumble dryer and generally been so grown up and helpful. Thank you!

Princess 2

Today, you are 9 weeks old. This week we have really got into a routine with sleeping. During the night you tend to go a 4/5 hour stretch. I give you a feed laying down in Mummy and Daddy’s bed at 10pm, we leave you snuggled up to me for about ten minutes and then I put you down into your moses basket at 10:30 and you wake up at around 3/4am usually. Then you have a feed and go back to sleep until 6/7am.

Your personality is growing every day. It’s so amazing to be able to watch you develop daily. You find my funny noises and faces hilarious. You love Shania Twain’s “Man I feel like a woman” absolutely hilarious. You used to smile just in the mornings but now you smile pretty much all day.

I’ve grown to know that you like to be napping in Mummy’s bed during the morning, then you love to have a cuddle and boobie but you do not like to sleep in my arms anymore. You actually love being in your bouncer now to fall asleep which works fantastically for me as I can get some housework done whilst you stare at the red mushroom on it and slowly fall asleep.

I left you for the first time yesterday. I was so nervous and worried about how you’d react. But you were absolutely fine with Nannie. You took a bottle of my milk perfectly too and I’m so proud of the both of us. When I returned you smiled widely at my new hair. I promise that leaving you will not be a very frequent thing because I missed you far too much. It’s made me dread going back to work even more.

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