To My Princesses – Letter 4

To my Princesses,

This week we have been rather busy. We had a few chilled days at the start with Daddy as his work kept sending him home due to power failure. Saturday particularly was a relaxed day, Nanny, Grandad and Uncle B had gone to Brighton Marathon for the weekend so we all spent the day in bed/in our pjs! Sunday the weather finally perked up and was lovely and warm so Daddy went out on his motorbike with his friends, we went to Great-Grandad & Great-Nanny’s house for lunch. Then we had a birthday party to attend which was fun and everyone loved seeing you both. It’s been back to nursery for you P1, on Monday after nursery we went to Clay Cottage again.

Princess 1

4yr17wksToday, you are 4 years and 17 weeks old. You have really improved with your eating this week and I am very proud of you. We still have the odd argument about it but I don’t mind because once you get started you finish your plate and want more too! We seem to be arguing with each other this week and I’m sorry that I haven’t had much patience with you. I am going to change so it improves both our behaviours.

We found out today that you didn’t get offered a place in the absolutely perfect school we chose you. But don’t worry because we are going to appeal their decision and really fight to get you there!

I love moments when you are just the sweetest little munchkin ever, like when we went to The Clay Cottage and painted together again. You really open up and talk to me about all sorts of things and you come out with some very funny stuff.

One very funny moment this week with you was when I was getting your little sister ready to go out. You said to me, and I quote (apart from the P2 bit 🙂 ), “Mummy, P2 has tiny boobies, I have quite small boobies. And Daddy’s boobies are smaller than yours because yours are hanging!” You really know how to me feel fantastic but at least you were telling the truth.

Princess 2

10wksToday, you are 10 weeks old. That’s double figures and I’m beginning to get nervous about starting work soon. You are becoming so big now and nearly outgrowing size 0-3months already.

You are a very happy baby, forgetting the hunger cries or when you want a cuddle, you seem to spend most of the day smiling at me, and most of the evenings smiling at Daddy.

You are awake a lot more during the day which means I’m struggling to get things done again. Luckily, you are quite a contented baby and love being in your bouncer, or stretched on the bed kicking about.

You still have your newborn characteristics, you have your hands in a fist or holding onto your own thumb most of the time. It’s very cute. You are very alert and always have been, watching your big sister Daddy and hardly removing your eyes from me when I’m near you.

Love Mummy x



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