To My Princesses – Letter 5

To my Princesses,

It really feels like we haven’t stopped this past week! I started a challenge to help with the amount of shouting I do, and that’s also had quite an impact this week. I really want to be the best Mummy I can be and I know I fail at it, especially recently. I have got into more of a routine now though, so my bath times aren’t as interupted as they used to be giving me some “me” time, even if I am accompanied by you P2!

Princess 1



Today, you are 4 years and 18 weeks old! This week you made me so angry. You decided it would be great to absolutely cover your younger Uncle in sand. I was fuming! You’ve never done anything so silly and nasty. I was shocked. You did apologise though and since then I have seen an improvement in your behaviour towards me.

We went to the circus today. You have been before but you clearly didn’t remember as when we went to buy the tickets you were asking me lots of questions about what happens at a circus. You watched the whole show and were absolutely fantastic.

You have a fear for cotton wool, I don’t really know why or what made you terrified of it, but I realised today that you are also terrified of candy floss. You were adamant you wanted some, so I bought a stick of it. When handing it to you, you literally jumped out of your skin and screamed. I have to admit it did make me laugh a little. You did eat the whole lot though, but only because I was picking it off for you and getting all sticky.

You have enjoyed being out in Great-Grandad’s garden on the days you go there. You really love being outdoors and it’s reminded me that I need to get you some summery clothes now the weather is a little warmer as the last time I upgraded your wardrobe it was freezing cold!
Princess 2



Today, you are 11 weeks old. I seriously think time is flying by so quick now. You definitely beginning to lose your newborn characteristics now, opening your hands more and smiling all the time. You’ve even started to chat to me a lot more.

I took you and your sister to the circus today, you won’t remember it and that’s why I’m writing this letter. You woke up just as it began because it was quite noisy. I was worried you’d hate it and cry the whole time, but you didn’t, you actually sat in my arms and watched all the colours and acts. You fell asleep about ten minutes before the end.

This week we attended a Breast Feeding Support Group, you quite enjoyed laying on the mat. You were also weighed and you’ve put on a whole pound in four weeks, you now weigh 11lb 4oz!! Definitely a gold star for Mummy’s boobies.

I have been quite active recently, in and out of the car doing all sorts of things with you tagging along as you have no choice. I try to get you in the carry cot part of the pram as much as possible rather than the car seat, but my car boot is just so tiny that sometimes it just isn’t practical. We walked to meet Nanny for lunch this week and even went all the way to Great-Nanny and Great-Grandad’s house. You definitely find it less settling but luckily fall asleep quite quickly. I think it’s because you can’t see me as well underneath the cover!

Love Mummy x

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