To My Princesses – Letter 6

To my Princesses,

I’m sorry I’m a little late in writing this. Wednesday, when you both celebrated your weekly milestones, we were very busy and by the time I got to bed it was just too late. This week has been great, we’ve had busy days and quiet days. P1 you have been in a normal routine with nursery and grandparents, and P2 you have been my little tag along as usual.

Princess 1

ee48987f-4ce6-47f8-bc08-61f0cc01da30_zpsdf9a91f3Today, you are 4 years and 19 weeks old! I’m very happy with you this week. Your behaviour seems to be getting a lot better. You are such a monkey.

We went to see your God-Mother this week. You love going there and it’s always a pleasure to see you so social and happy. Playing in her garden because the weather has been fantastic. You were a bit confused as to why she has big cows in her garden though, fake cows.

You are doing so well at your swimming lesson. It’s taken a while to see progress because of your legs, but we are getting there and you are beginning to actually move in the water all by yourself. Mummy and Daddy are so proud!

You love being outside. You really show your true personality when out in the garden with your Great-Grandparents, I even had the opportunity to watch you play for a bit outside at nursery. Unfortunately, on Wednesday you tripped up and grazed your arm but you were so brave.

Princess 2

66e6d245-c5b4-48e7-a028-4487db48b3af_zpsb99e06bdToday, you are 12 weeks old! It’s crazy, you are a third of a way through your first year and I swear it needs to slow down a bit. You are such a good baby and I’d like to enjoy it for just a little bit longer before you begin to become more independent.

I’m so pleased I decided to breast feed you. You love it, and I know we have a fantastic bond because of it. You feed for longer now, and go for longer between feeds. Although when we have our days at home you do tend to feed more, probably from comfort and because you are ultra cheeky!

You are “chatting” a lot. It’s so cute. When your sister is out with your Great-Grandparents, I spend my day with you trying to make you smile and talk to me. I spend literally hours with you, just talking, and it’s the most amazing feeling to see you smile back at me.

You’ve become very interested in your hands. You use them to suck on, you’ve even started to touch the objects around you. Hold onto covers and my top. It won’t be long until you can start really playing with the hundreds of toys you have waiting for you.

Love Mummy x



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