To My Princesses – Letter 7

To my Princesses,

So today, now P2 is beyond three months I’m going to write monthly letters to each of you separately. I thought this way it will be more personal for the both of you – P1 on the 24th of each month and P2 on the 6th. So this letter is my last joint letter to you both. The both of you make me so proud and I feel so lucky each day.

Princess 1

746a5851-f9e6-4229-84a4-1f59ea9182dd_zpsc03968f0Today, you are 4 years and 20 weeks old! I cannot believe just how grown up you are. This week you’ve been so good I’ve been absolutely shocked.

We went to a wonderful place when visiting Nannie T – you absolutely loved it. I told you that you could run about wherever you wanted because it was a really safe place, but you kept asking if you were going too and it was so cute.

This week you have been a fantastic big sister, you are really taking on that role and my heart fills with absolute warmth when I see you being such a doting sister, you even told me to eat more chocolate so P2 could enjoy chocolate milk!

You’re behaviour has really improved. I’m so pleased with you. Recently, you’ve hated me leaving you at nursery or Great-Grandad’s and it makes me feel so guilty to leave, especially when you are being such a joy!

Princess 2

10565225-5695-4702-99eb-9ec8a6ce5719_zpsd78351bbToday, you are 13 weeks old. You are at the stage where you so desperately want to be able to sit up and play. You are happiest when sitting up propped with pillows and have even begun to reach for things and touch them.

We’ve been really lucky with you, you sleep wonderfully at night, max times you wake us is twice. But this means you are awake a lot during the day and are quite unsettled about naps this week. It’s tiring!

When you sit up you love watching your feet. I really believe you know that they are yours when you wiggle your toes. You stare intently constantly at them. On Monday, you were sat watching your Daddy and reaching for his top.

I think you are really recognising certain people, especially your big sister who you spend hours staring at, your Daddy is a face you really enjoy including pulling on his beard, and you are really incredibly fascinated by your Great-Grandad!

Love Mummy x



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