“To some women it’s a sign of fertility and something to celebrate”

Today’s been a really bad day. Apparently our internet isn’t working as it should be… man talk! So I had the joyous company of a BT engineer again from 9-12:30! Stopping me getting my desperately needed tampons.

Which brings me onto my next subject. My period. To some women it’s a sign of fertility and something to celebrate. For me, not so! In the very beginning of my journey of womanhood, my periods weren’t so bad; lasting about 5 days, one heavy day, slight cramps. Then P1 came along; lasts 7 days, two heavy days, bad cramps. Oh, and then P2 came along!!!

I still last 7 days and that doesn’t bother me really. But 3/4 of those days are heavy. Now I don’t mean soaking through one “super” tampon heavy, I go through “super plus” in about an hour or less. For the duration of my heavy days. I buy about 3 packs of tampons to cover one period!! Not only that but I experience a terrible headache which actually effects my day to day life for most of the week. And I get horrible cramping for the first day or two.

I’ve researched. I maybe shouldn’t have. Periods like mine could indicate all sorts of underlying problems. Problems with my ovaries. There’s ways to treat periods like mine. Various contraceptive methods – I seem to be allergic to hormone types that stop/regulate periods. So that’s that out the question.

Then there’s surgical methods. A hysterectomy could be an option. That scares me and is probably the reason why I haven’t been to the doctors about my periods yet. I’m scared they’ll tell me that having my womb removed is my only option to help my period issues. I’m only 21 and although I’ve got two children already, I’m unsure if I want anymore.

It’s been on my mind recently. More children. Do I? Don’t I? What if? I’ve even spoken to my hubby. He’d like one more. I think I do too. But I’m becoming less able to cope with my periods. It’s getting me down to the point that I’m really considering the womb removal option just to stop everything, all the pain and the distress of it. I feel selfish. I feel stupid. All women have periods! But I’m not sure I can cope another 30/40years of this torture!!!!

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