Toby Toby Toby – Review 4

We took some time out last night. Couple time.

I’m so lucky to have wonderful parents who don’t need much notice to babysit – it probably makes it a lot easier because we live together at the moment.

Anyway, we took a trip to my favourite restaurant ever! Toby Carvery. My favourite food is a roast so with me being a fussy eater The Toby is perfect. Plus at the moment they have an offer – 2 for £10.
You get so much food for your money. It’s amazing. Our local restaurant is so welcoming and the service is fantastic. A couple of times we’ve had to wait for a table which I know puts a lot of people off – but we love the food too much to turn away.

We’ve been to several Toby’s in our area and they’ve all been spot on for perfection. They do other things on their set menus so if you don’t fancy a roast then you don’t have to have one. Even without the vouchers; you definitely get what you pay for.

Our meal last night cost my OH a total of £12.50! How blooming cheap is that. Fill your stomach and get a drink for just £12.50!!!!!!!! Thank you Toby Carvery vouchers

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