“Today has been a productively strange day”

Today has been a productively strange day. With P1 away on a double night sleepover with her Great-Grandad, P2 woke up at 6:50am. She snuggled in bed with us for about ten minutes before I took her downstairs for breakfast and some cBeebies. It was a slow morning really, hubby joined us downstairs and we just mooched.

20140806-085355 pm-75235447.jpg

Hubby then went outside to paint his car break callipers which I knew was going to take all day. I made the decision to take P2 for a walk to Tesco to distract her from the absence of her big sister. It worked because she fell asleep on the way back. I managed to put a jacket potato in the oven and clear out two cupboards whilst she was asleep. That then sparked me to organise and tidy the whole of downstairs. I’ve even recycled the girls crayons before dinner!

20140806-085356 pm-75236289.jpg

I have absolutely no idea how or where this sudden urge to tidy came from and I’m looking around reaping the benefits of this however, my body does not agree with sudden urges of energy. I’m in absolute agony. My hips, my back and my bump hurt.

20140806-085357 pm-75237067.jpg

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