“Today was really weird”

Today was really weird. I returned to Essex for P1s swimming lesson and we spent some time with my Grandad. I haven’t seen him since we moved out.

I stupidly dressed myself and the girls in summery outfits and forgot coats. Typically for England it rained a lot. This wasn’t the weird part, the odd part about this was that my Grandad’s house was cold. I don’t remember their house ever being cold. My Nan was always complaining about feeling chilly because of her kidney failure. It’s something my Mum moans about too so it must be a symptom. It’s just not normal for it to be above 20c and have people sitting there in scarfs and hats indoors! So that was weird.

My Grandad has never been the kind of man to wear jeans, my Grandad is still stuck in the old fashioned smart trousers era and always wears beige/cream coloured trousers. Today, he was wearing black trousers and smart black shoes. So that was weird.

We went to swimming and P1 did well as always, not really progressing but just doing the best she can with her legs. However, the instructor said that he didn’t have her on his register. That was weird.

Then when we got home I noticed another little thing that makes me miss my Nanny even more. Nowadays, at mealtimes it was my Nan’s duty to lay the table with cutlery. It was basically all she could manage to help my Grandad. Today, my Grandad just dumped the cutlery in a pile for us to get ourselves. That was weird.

Oh and some slightly more weird things that happened today; there was no traffic going to or from Essex. I also came home to my OH hoovering (That alone is the weirdest thing ever!) Both girls have been amazingly behaved today.

It’s just been an overall… Weird day!

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