“Today we are living to a routine”

Today we are living to a routine, well P2 will be! I know, you’re all rolling your eyes. But I mean it, I’ve got to do something to sort our sleeping issues out. Maybe P2 isn’t as easy going as her sister was and able to just go as the flow.

P2 has started putting herself in a routine anyway, she sleeps 10-11am and 1:30-2:30pm each day, without fail. So I’m hoping the transition will go smoother. I’m also trying it because I think P2 has associated milk with sleep so I need to stop that too.

This is the basic routine I’m going to follow:
7:00 – Wake and Bottle
9:00 – Breakfast
10:00 – Morning Nap (at least 1 hour)
11:00 – Bottle
1:00 – Lunch
2:00 – Early Afternoon Nap (at least 1 hour)
3:00 – Bottle plus snack
5:00 – Dinner
6:15 – Begin bedtime routine
7:00 – Bottle and Bedtime (goal to be asleep at this time)

P2 was in bed asleep by 7pm and P1 a little later and went to bed at 7:15 but didn’t actually go to sleep until just after 8pm!

This morning hasn’t gone quite to plan either. P2 won’t drink her morning bottle (association with sleep). Plus we have to go meet our health visitor at 10 so think naps will be a little earlier too! Oh well… I’m not being strict with it as I do understand babies are flexible little beings.

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