Tommee Tippee – Best Of British Limited Edition Bottle Review

My hubby is known for researching and researching and researching before he makes any decisions. Whether it’s checking out the internet for a better deal on a tumble dryer he’s seen or learning how something works.

When we found out we were pregnant with P2 I’d already decided alone that we’d be using Tommee Tippee bottles, but when hubby also told me that this was his choice too I was shocked! He’d done so much research and read so many reviews, he literally knew the ins and outs of every baby feeding item we’d need. I didn’t have to do any persuading. Since then, P2 has only had Tommee Tippee Soothers, we have a steriliser and the bottles too and will be doing the same for P3.

Recently Tommee Tippee have launched their Limited Edition Best Of British collection and it’s just utterly gorgeous. If you’re an avid London fan then the collection will be right up your street.


The award winning and trusted Tommee Tippee have decorated their Closer to Nature bottles and soothers with the equally well known, London Bus. We’ve been given the Best Of British Pink bottle but the range also comes in Blue or the Red Gift Set.


As previously said the bottles are the 260ml (9oz) Closer To Nature bottles which feature a soft silicone easy-latch teat, an easi-vent to prevent baby from swallowing too much air whilst feeding and is shaped to be easily held by mother or baby. So ultimately the only difference between the Best Of British collection and the normal Tommee Tippee range is the colours and buses which may I add are so cute!!


We’ve been using the bottle for about a week now daily and it has been washed a lot. The design and colours haven’t lost the very striking pink colour. Since having it, we’ve given P2 the choice of bottle she wants her milk in, and every single time she chooses this one over the standard. It’s different and much more appealing to the eye.

tommee tippee eva

As you can see, P2 loves her Limited Edition Best Of British Pink Tommee Tippee bottle. They are retailing at £5.99 each with Mothercare which isn’t too bad for a top quality product that gets the thumbs up from myself, P1, P2 and most importantly the decision maker… Hubby!!

(We were sent this product free of charge by Tommee Tippee for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions and photos are of my own)

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Stylish and simple baby bottle. Lovely design. Functional.

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