Tommee Tippee Big Adventure – Straw Cup Review & Competition

Friday morning we woke early. I really hate being awake when it’s dark outside and the girls are still snoring, oh and especially on a school holiday. But we had a good reason, we were off on a Big Adventure to see Tommee Tippee at The Baby Show. We’d been invited to a Princess & Pirate Party so the girls dressed up in some pretty dresses for the occasion.


We were early and first to the party. The girls were offered a drink and biscuit from the lovely ladies at Tommee Tippee.

There was plenty of activities to get involved in. Colouring, dress up, reading, making crowns, digging in the pirate chest. P1 & P2 got stuck in with the colouring as I’d expected and really enjoyed eating the biscuits – which they had two of!


Tommee Tippee have launched their best ever cup range and to celebrate they’ve also launched their Big Adventure competition with Babyworld. They have also brought out some absolutely beautiful and stylish feeding equipment and bottles in black which really caught my eye. I think the darker colour certainly suits this modern world and would fit much better in kitchens than the white equipment that I had when P1 was a baby.

(I just want to apologise for the MAM bottle that’s hanging out of P3s mouth in the photo below. Hubby and I are Tommee Tippee through and through but P3 has other ideas)


There’s 7 new cups in their range starting with the two weaning cups, one has a sippee spout and the other a straw, this is suitable from 4months. The next stage up is from 6months and also has the sippee and straw versions. Lastly, from 12months, they have a sippee cup, straw cup and sports spout.

The fact there is two options for the weaning stages is fabulous. The sippee spout is really soft but I know that some babies cannot get along with these so it’s good to know that there’s also a straw option. I love the sports bottle for a toddler or older child as its quite grown up looking. We were given a straw cup suitable from 12months for P2 to review.

tommeetippe straw cup

As you can see, it’s very strikingly beautiful. It’s very different to their previous bottles but I can’t quite put my finger on why. I suppose it’s the way they look more modern, more grown up. Even the younger weaning cups have this sense of style and feel.

I was allowed to choose what cup I fancied whilst at the event and I chose the straw cup because we are trying to wean P2 off of her bottles and she seems to do quite well with a straw over anything else at the moment.


The whole of the new range have interchangeable lids. They are dishwasher safe, BPA free and non-spill. Perfect for all age groups. Oh and the 12m+ sippee and straw cup are even insulated!

I’ve found the straw lid part to be quite difficult to open and close. Even hubby has struggled but I’m hoping that it’ll ease off with use. P2 has taken to this cup much more than others we’ve ever had, she’s even got it from the draw and asked for juice! A huge improvement from screaming for milk and refusing her cup.

competition big adventure tomee tippee

I’m really pleased with the new range and I’ve been given some cups to host a giveaway so that I can share my love for these cups with another baby/toddler. So enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Value for money

Their best cups yet!

Beautifully designed and modern baby/toddler cups! Non-Spill, dishwasher safe and BPA free. All interchangeable.

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