Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Anytime Soother Review

February 2014, Tommee Tippee silently launched their newest ranges of soothers. There’s four new types: Fun, Anytime, Night Time and Air.

We were invited to the Tommee Tippee Silent Launch of their new soothers at The Babyshow but unfortunately we couldn’t make it and luckily the lovely people at Tommee Tippee sent me a pack of their Anytime soothers to review!20140325-091415 am.jpgI was told off by the health visitor at P2s one year check for still using a dummy. I sympathised a bit as we do have plans to wean off of it this year but right now that dummy is sometimes the only thing that soothes her!!

Tommee Tippee is the only dummy that P2 ever took to so initially I was concerned that she may not like the new soothers with a new design. Thankfully, she’s loves them!!!20140325-022855 pm.jpgThe soother is BPA free, and made from a silicone teat which is symmetrical and reversible. Meaning it’s easier for baby to hold it in their mouths and be used upside down! The teat feels a lot more flexible than the previous soothers which was reassuring as it seems thicker on the bit that would be closest to her front teeth.

After looking through the other styles from the new range I’d quite like to get the Night Time ones. They glow!!20140325-024133 pm.jpg(This product was sent to me free of charge by Tommee Tippee Closure to Nature for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions are of my own)
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A beautifully designed soother. Lovely bold colours for boys and girls.

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