Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Disposal System Baby Pink Limited Edition Review

A nappy disposal system was something that I felt I had to buy when I was pregnant with P1. It ended up getting unused and nappies were just plonked into the bin and left to produce a pretty awful stench. Then when we were buying bits and bobs for P2 I didn’t even bother to add a nappy bin to the list.

This time, with P3, I’d actually felt really lost without one… Then the darlings at Tommee Tippee gave me a lovely little delivery which arrived a few days after P3 and I came home from hospital. Their Limited Edition, Baby Pink Sangenic Nappy Disposal System.


It’s pink. Automatically that means I’m in love with it, seeing as we are a house dominated by girls, however it comes in Blue or White.

The Sangenic Nappy Disposal System is made from plastic but it’s really sturdy and screams quality. The system is really easy to set up, using the cassettes you simply drop it into the hole, tie a knot in the bottom which gets secured on the underneath of the cassette.

To use the disposal system, you simply place the nappy inside the grabber and push it down slightly. Then you turn the little handle one full circle and it’s done. The Sangenic nappy disposal is 100x more effective for concealing odours and offering an antibacterial protection as the film kills 99% of germs on contact.


Disposing is simple too. You lift off the lid and using the cutter which is located opposite the place where you secure the sacks in the first place, you simply cut away the nappies and place in your normal bin. They look like a long line of sausages!

The quality has certainly improved since I had the disposal system for P1 and I can twist the sacks round using one hand which is really handy when you have a baby in the other. I have to admit that I’m only using the Sangenic for nappy changes the occur upstairs.

You can buy your own Sangenic Pink here which has two refill cassettes included all for around £30 although there’s a good deal on at the moment.

(I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions and photos are of my own.

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Hygienic system!

A brilliant and easy to use system to keep odours at bay.

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