Too Short

Well, reluctantly, we are home.

Home to a messy bedroom that I’ve been meaning to tidy for weeks. Home to a normal house. Home to a house where the bathroom floors are cold. Home to traffic noise and houses wherever you look. Home to cooking and cleaning for yourself. Home to living on top of everyone.

Ok so it pretty much sounds like I hate where I live – I don’t. But the sheer perfection of the house we stayed in is just so overpowering. It makes me wonder how people can afford to live in places like that … And people do don’t they!!

I’ve had such a wonderful and relaxed weekend. P1 has been running about and we didn’t see much of her with all the rooms and people to occupy her. P2 has been in so many arms this weekend. The past two nights she hasn’t had a real feed – she was waking up, playing with my boob or having a small feed and then falling back to sleep. I guess how relaxed I am has rubbed off on P2. My OH seems really relaxed – he rarely drinks alcohol, especially when I was pregnant, and seeing him relaxing with his family and smiling whilst having a beer or two or three was really satisfying for me. I love it when he’s happy.

Now I guess it’s back to early mornings, my OH back to work, cleaning and tidying. Reality!

For anyone who wants a truly amazing holiday this is where we stayed: Scaldbeck House

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