Top Tips for Older Learner Drivers

Whilst many people learn to drive and pass their driving test as soon as they possibly can, others simply can’t afford the luxury. Whether you had driving lessons as a teen or young adult, failed your driving test years ago and never bothered trying again, or have simply never got round to learning to drive, trying to pass your driving test as an adult who’s got a family and other responsibilities can be a time-consuming and often daunting process. However, there’s no need to worry as it’s definitely not impossible. In fact, being that bit older can often go work in favour of many learner drivers, as they’ll likely be more safety-conscious. Not only that, but being over 25 automatically means that your first car insurance payment when you pass is likely to be much cheaper than that of a seventeen-year-old.

The Driving Theory Test

If you are just getting to grips with learning to drive, the driving theory test is the first part which you will need to prepare for. Without passing the theory test you are not allowed to take the practical test and get your license, so it’s a good idea to get it done and out of the way as soon as possible, freeing up your time to learn to drive. In the theory test, you’ll be asked a series of driving-related questions as well as shown videos in which you will need to spot various road hazards. It’s not as hard as it seems, though – visit for a selection of free practice tests to make sure you’re fully prepared.

Choosing a Driving Instructor

When there are so many different driving schools and instructors to choose from, how do you make sure that you are choosing the right one to take driving lessons with? When it comes to choosing an instructor, many offer free ‘taster’ lessons which you can use to get an idea of their personality and teaching style to decide whether or not to continue having lessons. Trying to get a number of different free – or cheap – taster sessions with various driving instructors can be a good idea when first starting to learn to drive. You could also ask any friends or family members who have passed their driving test whether they would recommend their driving instructor to you and if they have any contact details to pass on.


When it comes to ensuring that you pass your driving test as quickly as possible, practice is key. Getting as many lessons in per week is often the best way to get your driving skills up to test level as soon as possible so that you can start preparing for the big day. Along with your driving instructor, you can also practice with friends or family members providing that you are insured to drive their car and they are over twenty-one with at least three years’ driving experience. This can be a great way to get in extra practice and get used to driving different cars.

Passing your driving test first time isn’t something that’s reserved for the younger learners!


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