TOTS 100 Bathroom Competition

I don’t normally join in with competitions that require me to post on my blog, mainly because my blog is about my life, not about winning things (apart from blogging awards of course!) But this is different, it caught my eye as I know it’s something that needs doing in my parents house.

My mum’s bathroom is small. It’s boring. It’s inconvenient. Sorry mum, but let’s face it, you agree! It does it’s job, so I’ll give it credit for that but it doesn’t have a shower, well it does, a hand held one that isn’t very powerful at all. That’s why I always opt for a bath which being a mother of two, one being only 11 weeks old and very needy, makes it rather difficult and sometimes I wish I could jump in the shower. But with mums little, pointless shower it would take just as long as a bath!!!

also means I could say thank you to her for allowing my little family to join her home by giving her a bathroom she’d be proud of!

This is the current bathroom situation

Personally my ideal bathroom would have two sinks, not the usual “His and Hers” version, but an adult sink and a children’s sink. Perfect for my family. It would have a bath, one of those really big baths with bubbles and lights. A sink that had plenty of storage underneath, with a mirror that hid storage in the wall behind it. It would have lovely tiled, heated flooring. The lights would be on the walls, little round lights that would make the bathroom relaxing and calm, they would have different settings for the times of the day and whether the kids were having bath time or not. There would be a special storage bin hidden in the wall for all the girls toys, with drainage system as toys always seem to get put away wet! The toilet would have an integrated step for the girls, with integrated children’s toilet seat with special heated seats for those cold winter middle of the night toilet trips, with a touch flusher to prevent germs! I’d like to have a toilet tissue holder and a wipe holder all fitted in the wall. There would be a walk in shower, with slightly slanted floor, with a power shower head with different settings for speed of the water. There would also of course be a large heated towel rack. And finally, a laundry bin hidden in the wall, for those pants that hid behind the door!

If we were lucky enough to be the winner of a bathroom suite, I’d definitely choose Option 2 out of the 12 as I think this suits my Mum’s household perfectly. I know she’d prefer just a shower, but she has Grand-kids that need bathing when she babysits when we eventually move out!!

Picture taken from website
Picture taken from website

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