Touch Me

It’s so crazy how grown up P2 is becoming and so fast she’s doing it!

In the past few days she’s really begun to touch things, hold things and bite things – uh oh!
20130507-063414 PM.jpgDon’t worry, she isn’t suffocating herself…20130507-063419 PM.jpg
Yesterday, she was absolutely fascinated by my OHs top. Staring intensely at it, trying to reach forwards to grab it. Oh that’s another thing, she’s not too pleased about laying down anymore, she wants to be up and joining in with the world. Luckily, her head strength helps.

Today, I went with my Mum to get our nails done. Bless her, she’s never had anything special done to her nails. I just had that gel polish that seems to be the craze at the moment.

I love them…
20130507-063737 PM.jpg
I’m hoping they last better than the gel tips – they’re meant to!

I’m all excited about a product I’m currently reviewing and cannot wait to post about it. So watch out for that this week.

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  1. She is so cute! And baby Claudia has that butterfly too and loves it xx

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