Travelling 5 Hours To The Peak District

It’s a little daunting deciding to pop your kids in a car and travel for nearly five hours. It could be a recipe for disaster but that’s exactly what we did over the Easter holidays.

We had been excitedly invited to stay with Pinelodge Holidays Darwin Forest for the week. I promised myself that we wouldn’t overpack for this trip, but of course we did.

As our journey was nearly five hours, we planned a stop just over half way for us to use the loo and stretch our legs. Hubby being the typical person he is, planned this stop it include a McDonald’s.

After our little food break, we only had a few more hours left of our journey. We popped on a movie in the car and the girls were impeccably behaved! The traffic was pretty heavy for our entire journey but the second half definitely went quicker, we soon arrived at Darwin Forest.

I was totally speechless when we arrived at our holiday home for the week. It’s in a beautiful location and so peaceful. The cabin itself was stunning too and so spacious! We quickly unpacked, am I the only one who likes to unpack?

After unpacking, we headed to Little Monkeys Play Centre. It’s onsite at Darwin Forest but you have to pay to get in. Thankfully there’s a slight discount. We spent the last two hours of their opening times in there. It’s a really decent sized soft play, very clean and the staff were super friendly.

There was literally no signal at Darwin Forest and the WiFi was very intermittent, but the soft play had a good connection. I used it to my advantage, checked emails and did a little bit of work whilst my girls played together nicely. In fact they made some friends.

As we had a busy week ahead of us, we wanted to explore the offerings that Darwin Forest had and whilst the weather was bright we headed out for a little walk along one of the woodland walks and Trim Trak.

When I say the weather was nice, it was very windy and very cold. I think you can sort of tell in some of these photos. But the trim Trak was so cute! The girls enjoyed climbing and navigating the obstacles. They also loved finding various fairy doors, a naughts and crosses game and dens too.

Our lodge, 3 bedroom Elite Vogue, had a hot tub. When we returned from our frozen walk, we hopped straight into the hot tub. It was lovely and warm whilst the air was chilly. We was able to watch the sunset and generally enjoyed being together as a family.

I always get nervous around bedtimes on holiday. It’s such a big change for everyone. Both Eva and Elsa fell to sleep pretty quickly which was a surprise but Freya kicked up a bit of a fuss. Mainly to do with the darkness but it’s her way of expressing she doesn’t like the change.

Eventually at nearly 10pm, all girls were asleep and snoring. Hubby and I actually popped back in the hot tub for an evening soak. It was very spooky! Then we also headed for our bed.

I hope you enjoy watching the video from our travel day. There’s lots more over on my YouTube channel so please check those out and come back here for more blog posts too!

Disclosure: We were gifted our stay at Pinelodge Holidays.

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