Travelling To The Isle Of Wight 2020 – Day 1

We had booked a trip to the Isle Of Wight last year. It was going to be a family getaway with Hubby’s Mum, her partner, his brother and his grandparents. Then the pandemic set in and our hopes to have a family getaway started to sink away.

The initial and main lockdown in the UK felt long and tiresome. We had home learning, new routines, worries about whether our food shop would be delivered, grieving of normal life and not seeing family for so many weeks. It was tough for the entire world!

Thankfully, the lockdown was eased and restrictions lifted enabling us to start seeing family members again or going on days out. The prospect of getting away became hopeful, absolutely terrifying but it was exciting. 

The Isle Of Wight most definitely holds a special place in our hearts. It’s without a doubt our second favourite destination in the entire world. We talked through the risks and decided to embark on our first mini-break since the coronavirus hit the UK.

My husband’s Grandparents had decided to not come, and are actually still isolating themselves due to being high risk. So we created our own little bubble with my mother-in-law.

Hubby had booked us into a Premier Inn for the night before our ferry to the Isle Of Wight. We’ve never stayed down in Portsmouth so it was a lovely way to kick start our mini-break.

The girls had been asking to stay at a hotel for a long time and this gave us the perfect opportunity. Premier Inn had put in place lots of safety measures and extra cleaning too, however, I did take our own disinfectant and Hubby did a quick whip-round on high-touch areas before we entered.

We had been blessed with glorious sunshine. So we spent the majority of the afternoon chilling out on the rocky beach. It was right next to the hovercraft port so the girls thoroughly enjoyed watching that come and go, including getting sprayed at one point too. 

Elsa can become a bit agitated at the start of holidays, wanting to go home usually. We settled down into the hotel room a bit earlier than we’d hoped to but enjoyed the chill out time watching live TV. We actually don’t have live TV at home, so this was a real treat for them. 

We kick-started our travel day with breakfast in the Premier Inn’s attached restaurant. It was an unlimited breakfast so Hubby took full advantage of that.

My mother-in-law, her partner and my brother-in-law were meeting us at the ferry terminal so we had a little bit of time to walk along the waterfront and watch some of the cruise ships going by. We also spotted some military ships too.

I do sometimes wish I lived closer to the sea. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. My girls are in their element when they are outside and there’s definitely something about the smell of fresh sea air.

Elsa, in particular, was so excited to be reunited with her Grandad. We hadn’t spent much time with him over lockdown and seeing her cling hold of him with so much love was heartwarming.

We always travel to the Isle Of Wight with Wightlink Ferries. As a family, we’d decided to be wearing our face masks whilst on board, but it was a requirement too as it’s public transport.

As the weather was glorious, we headed straight for the outside deck. It was the perfect place to keep out in the open and get some fresh air. The crossing doesn’t take too long, less than an hour but we’d actually been slightly delayed as a lorry had managed to get stuck. This meant we had a little bit longer in the sea.

It was a pleasant trip across and the only time I felt a little uneasy about our safety with regards to social distancing etc, was when everyone was asked to get back in their cars to disembark. It felt a bit chaotic especially as known of us were used to that amount of people traffic, after isolating for 5 months!

We couldn’t check in to our holiday home for a good few hours so we’d decided to enjoy a beach day. I had packed a beach bag ahead of our travels that was easy to access in the car.

Honestly, I always tell myself to pack lightly but the car is always full to the brim no matter how “lightly” I try to pack it. At least I can be proud that it was an organised luggage situation.

The beach destination of choice was one that I’ve never been to – Brook Chine Bay. this is located to the South-West of the island and took about 40 minutes to get to. There’s a National Trust car park that you can pay to be in or it’s free if you have a membership.

As we arrived, I was recognised by someone who reads my blog or watches my YouTube channel. We only briefly spoke as we tried to navigate a parking space. It was quite busy!

The beach was not busy at all, in fact, everyone was very respectful of social distancing and it enabled us to feel a sense of normality for a few hours. Choosing to head to the beach as our first-holiday adventure was a perfect choice.

Our holiday home for the week was Kemphill Farm. We stayed here for our first-ever holiday on the Isle Of Wight. It was exciting to head back.

We checked in to the barn and I busied myself with unpacking. Hubby never understands why I unpack when we go away, do you unpack? It helps me to feel organised and I can pretend to live a minimalistic life for a while.

Our girls enjoyed running around freely as the sun began to set and my mother-in-law’s partner cooked a wonderful dinner for us all. In fact, he ended up being the chef for the holiday and did a brilliant job!

We had a lovely start to our Isle Of Wight mini-break. I hope you’ll come back soon to read more about our trip.

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