Tropical Islands Resort Travel Diary – Day 1

I have already posted the review of our trip to Tropical Islands Resort that you can read here, but wanted to share more of our personal family photos from our trip. Firstly, take a look at the video I created for our first day in Germany, I hope you enjoy it.

We’d kept our trip a secret from the girls for such a long time. A good few months actually. The excitement I felt towards it made it incredibly difficult to not tell them as I desperately wanted them to be part of our joy too.

We came up with lots of different plans, mainly for the day we went. Then it was set to be told on Christmas Day as part of their presents. Hubby and I are clearly rubbish at keeping secrets because we ended up telling them a few days before Christmas.

Hubby and I had booked unsociable hours for flying as it was cheaper. The plus side was that at Tropical Islands Resort you can arrive at any time from 6am so we wanted to make the most of our time there. Our flight was at 6:30am meaning we had to be at the airport for at least 4:30am!

Somehow I managed to get the girls to fall asleep at 5:30pm the previous night. I may have bribed them a bit and the darker evenings definitely helped in my quest. Hubby and I were also fast asleep by about 8pm too. Although I’d spent the night tossing and turning from nerves of flying and excitement.

I woke the girls at the very last minute giving them enough time to put some clothes on and hop in the car. The airport isn’t too far away from us and even quicker at 2am in the morning. They were squealing with delight at the excitement of the unknown of going to a water park.

Sadly, the family friendly security zone wasn’t open when we arrived. I’d hoped it would be as Elsa can sometimes get a little panicky in unknown situations so I was looking forward to all of the friendly characters and colours.

Unfortunately we had to go through the usual security and as expected Elsa started crying from nerves. She didn’t want to go through the ticket barriers or the security scanner by herself. The staff were really patient with us as the airport wasn’t busy at all.

We’d decided to have some breakfast at the airport as a special treat. The Red Lion Whetherspoon at Gatwick was perfect for our family needs. I just love how they can charge so much more just by being an airport restaurant though!

As we’d arrived with plenty of time it allowed us to take things slowly with the girls. We ate, chatted about all the things we could do, gave the girls their travel sickness chews and headed for the kids zone.

We had about half an hour to wait before our gate number appeared. The girls ran around the kids zone which is a small fenced off area with some soft shapes. I can’t remember just how many times they asked whether we could go on the aeroplane yet. Eventually the gate number was given and we made our last trips to the toilets.

We had decided to leave our pushchair behind, bravely, for the first time ever. We were already outnumbered by children and suitcases so didn’t want the hassle of remembering to pick up a pushchair too. The girls were so full of adrenaline that they forgot their usual demands for a carry or that their legs hurt. They were really good helping pull the suitcases and looking out for each other.

Little Elsa started to feel a bit nervous and although Eva wouldn’t admit it, she was too. They held each other’s hands during take off which was so cute. The plane journey to Berlin is under two hours so it’s a really short one to get children used to flying. This was actually their second plane experience, their first was a long haul one so this probably felt like a walk in the park to them.

I always find it interesting arriving in a different country. The airports are different, this time the language was different and generally it looks and feels very odd. The girls were taking it all in as we navigated our way to the hire car desk.

We were totally confused and ended up crossing really busy airport roads where taxi flew past. We learned on our return trip that there was actually a walk way above the roads. That made us chuckle.

From Tegel Airport in Berlin, it takes about an hour in the car to drive to the Tropical Islands Resort dome. There are public transport options but it’s much easier for us to travel by car as a family outnumbered by children. We also wanted the flexibility to adventure outside the dome if we needed to.

After a very early start to the day and being run on adrenaline for the journey, the girls crashed in the hire car. They were exhausted and we were really quite thankful that they napped. I struggled to keep my own eyes open as I held up the Satnav for Hubby.

It was about 11am (I think) when we arrived at the dome. The girls were in absolute awe of the size of it. The queue for check in was huge and with the inside of the dome being nearly 30 degrees, and wearing winter layers, we began to sweat a bit. Desperate to get into our swimming costumes.

Hubby and I knew where we were going due to visiting Tropical Islands the year before as a couple. We led the girls into the locker area and popped our suitcases away. The girls eagerly got into their swimming costumes.

We’d decided to start the girls in the outdoor pool. The Amazonia pool is open year round, although the whole outside facilities like the play areas are seasonal. The water in pool outside is warm but the air very cold. It’s a surreal experience.

It was the girls first pool experience at Tropical Islands. They were all squealing in excitement as we were pulled along by the gentle lazy river. We took a few laps then headed back inside.

The next stop on our agenda was to go to the Tropical Sea. This is a semi circular shaped pool surrounded by a beach and sun chairs. It honestly feels like you are on a summer holiday despite the outside being winter weather.

The water is much cooler than the outside pool. It takes a little getting used to and it’s best to sort of throw yourself in there. The depth is all the same throughout the pool, I can just about reach the bottom on my tip toes (I’m about 1.45m tall for reference).

Tropical Islands issues electronic wristbands to all guests, except under 5s I believe. These act as your locker key, room key and a bit like a credit card. So you don’t have to worry about taking money with you or your credit/debit cards.

We decided to get some chips for our lunch, a bit of a snack to tide us over until dinner time. We bought from the street style restaurant, Mondial Food Court, and ate in the communal seating area watching the koi carp fish.

After allowing our food to go down, we headed for the third pool, the Lagoon. This pool is warmer than the Tropical Sea and has different varied depths. It’s a beautiful pool, very authentic with the theme. There’s a huge waterfall and water features too.

You aren’t able to check in to your hotel room inside the dome until 4pm. The electronic wristband automatically opens the doors at exactly that time. We decided to get our belongings from the lockers and head there for 4pm.

I was completely blown away at our room. It was spacious, cosily lit and the beds were huge!! The children’s bunk area was incredible. A thing of dreams. I linked my full review about so please do check that out for more information.

We all had showers and slipped on some light dresses. The dome is exactly as it sounds, Tropical, and you can easily spend the entire time in your swimming costume or summer clothes. We had decided not to go swimming again that evening as the kids were pretty wiped out from travelling and swimming already.

We headed for the Sawadee restaurant which is an Asian buffet style restaurant. There’s loads of options that change slightly each day, our first night they had burgers which pleased the girls and some chilli too! You pay per 100g so it’s a good option for fussy children and reduces food waste too.

After filling our tummies, we headed for the Tropino Club. An area specifically for children. There’s cars to ride, a huge soft play area and a gigantic ball pit. It’s a great place for them to explore non-water activities.

The ball pit was recently converted from a swimming pool. The girls found it amazing and although they were all quite ratty and tired, they enjoyed throwing the balls and hiding beneath them.

We wanted to show the girls what the Tropical Sea looked like at night time, so after a play in the soft play we headed round. I told them they could play in the sand but not the water, did they listen? Of course not. Within minutes they had their dresses off and were splashing in the shallowing edging of the Tropical Sea whilst building sandcastles. They were honestly having the best time.

We ended up sitting in the sun chairs watching them. Feeling peaceful and content. Seeing the girls laughing is so lovely. Tropical Islands is open 24/7 which means you can swim whenever you feel like it. It was about 7pm at this point and the visitor numbers had significantly reduced so it was quite peaceful.

On our way back to the hotel room, we stopped to check out the sweet shop and get an idea of pricing for the following day. It was far too late for sweet consumption but I loved how excited the girls were by it all.

We were all absolutely exhausted getting back to the room. We’d decided to cosleep with Elsa, although there was plenty of beds for all of us. The master bed was big enough for three and she’s a pretty comfy snuggle buddy. I was quite surprised at how quickly everyone fell asleep and we all slept the entire night.

Come back soon for our second day of adventures at Tropical Islands Resort.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. We were gifted our accommodation only. I have full editorial control.

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