Tropical Islands Resort Travel Diary – Day 2

Firstly, did you read all about our first day at Tropical Islands because if you haven’t, please make sure you do so you don’t miss out on any of our family photos. Or you can find our full review from our travels to Tropical Islands here which gives you more knowledge of the Resort and all its offerings.

The girls slept so incredibly well on our first night. The beds were very comfortable. We’d chosen to co-sleep with Elsa so she was more than happy snuggled next to us and the other two were clearly exhausted and slept the entire night. Very unlike them actually as being on holiday usually ruins sleep routines in this family.e

Everyone was so hungry and excited to see what was in the breakfast buffet. We all pretty much woke up, threw our dresses on and headed for breakfast. There is such a beautiful atmosphere in the mornings in Tropical Islands, it’s very peaceful and the lighting is low over the winter.

I love being greeted by lots of food choices. Doesn’t everybody? Hubby and I had experienced the Tropical Island buffet before but the girls had not. I loved seeing their little faces light up as they took their plates round the food options and picked exactly what they fancied for their breakfast. We all ate really well, Hubby even said he was having a food baby.

We allowed some time for our food to settle before changing into our swimming costumes and heading for the Tropical Sea swimming pool. Elsa is like a little puppy when her limbs touch the water she just kicks. All three girls were so happy splashing around and causing chaos.

There is a new slide area for children at the Tropical Sea called Jungle Splash. We had thought Eva would be using it the most as she’s a little daredevil, but actually she really didn’t want to try it as she’s terrified of having water on her face. Instead, our little scaredy cat Freya was the one embracing the water and having the time of her life!

Whilst Freya was doing that with Hubby, I was busy building sand castles and burying Eva in sand. They even decided to dig a huge hole for me to climb instead and become their height. We were there for such a long time and it was so peaceful, in a busy kind of way.

The girls were generally feeling quite tired on our first day. I think the travelling and early morning the day before had really effected them. Demands and emotions were running high. We decided to take a break from swimming and head back to our room for some down time. We also had some snacks.

Anyone with children will know that sometimes you have to take things at their pace. Whether that’s at high speed or slow. Hubby and I were also pretty tired too. We decided to take the kids to the Tropino Club. It has a huge soft play and a gigantic ball pit. What was best about it was that Hubby and I could sit. Sitting is good.

Whilst in the soft play something significant happened. Hubby and I are always very protective of the girls and watch them closely to know exactly where they are always. We witnessed Elsa run round the corner and bump straight into a little German boy. Immediately this little boy punched Elsa in the face, in a blink of an eye Eva stood between her little sister and this boy and shouted “no” at him.

Elsa was quite distressed obviously but I felt so much pride in Eva during that moment and definitely feel like I needed to document it here. She protected her and prevented her being hurt any further. Poor little Eva then became Elsa’s best friend, protector and would not leave Eva alone the rest of the time in the soft play. It was cute and Eva said to me “it’s tiring looking after a child”.

We had made the decision to swim in the evening on this day. So after being in the Tropino Club for quite a while we decided to explore the rest of the resort. There’s a beautiful Rainforest walk that the girls really enjoyed exploring. We found the stunning flamingoes and even got to join in with the Tropino Club entertainer Pirate feed the fish.

We had an early dinner on Saturday. The girls hadn’t eaten too well in the Asian buffet restaurant on our first night, so we decided to grab some pizza from the street food restaurant. It went down a treat with the girls. It’s amazing as the sun sets in the resort. You honestly forget that you are in Germany inside a dome, instead it feels like you are in Spain or another hot country sitting outside.

After dinner we popped back to the room to get our swimming things together. The pools at night time are so magical!! The lighting is just stunning. It’s a little bit less busy too so it’s great for the kids. We spent small amounts of time in the outdoor pool and Tropical Sea but then spent such a long time in the Lagoon. We had to physically drag half sleeping children out of the pool!

Back at the room we all had quick showers and a teeny snack before heading to bed. Honestly, we were all absolutely wiped out! My eyes were aching, the girls were shattered. I’m pretty sure we were all asleep within a few minutes of our heads touching the pillows.

We had such a great day. Don’t forget to watch the video at the top of this blog post to immerse yourself in our experience and then head back to my blog to find more diary entries soon!!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. We were gifted our accommodation only. I have full editorial control.

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  1. Bless Eva and Elsa – hope they were both OK. I bet the swimming was tiring you all out, but I always sleep better on holiday!

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