Tropical Islands Resort Travel Diary – Day 3

Firstly, did you read all about our first day at Tropical Islands or the second day? If you haven’t, please make sure you do so you don’t miss out on any of our family photos and experiences. You can also find our full review from our travels to Tropical Islands here which gives you more knowledge of the Resort and all its offerings.

We woke up feeling really refreshed from a full night sleep at Tropical Islands Resort. Going on holiday with children is truly exhausting, there’s hardly enough time to catch your breath so getting a full night sleep is the holy grail. Hubby hopped in the shower because he resembles a hedgehog when he wakes up, then we headed for breakfast.

The girls had knowledge of what was on offer for our second breakfast. Freya and Eva rushed for the donuts, yes there was donuts for breakfast! Elsa of course headed for the toast machine. I was quite enjoying having really crispy bacon, scrambled egg, beans and of course I couldn’t resist a donut or three.

After allowing some time for our food to go down in our room, we got ready for swimming. Our first stop was the Tropical Sea. It’s definitely the cooler pool of them all so best to do first and then the rest seem like baths. Freya did a few of the water slides by herself and the rest of us paddled about in the pool.

It was a bit of a wet and gloomy day in Germany. The girls found it such an experience swimming in the rain out in the Amazonia pool. It’s always a very odd contrast – warm water whilst your head is freezing cold. The girls didn’t last long outside before wanting to head back indoors in the tropical heat of the dome.

We decided to spend some time building sandcastles and burying each other on the sand by Tropical Sea pool. Eva was quite emotional from tiredness and probably a bit of hunger too.

When the girls started to get a bit restless from doing sand activities, we headed for the Lagoon pool. I love this pool as it feels so tropical in appearance and the girls can reach the bottom in the majority of it which makes it brilliant for the kids.

We had got into a little routine of down time in the middle of the day. I think it was more for hubby and I than the girls. Swimming constantly and keeping an eye on three children was exhausting. The girls were allowed some time to rest on their iPads, eat a snack lunch like the day before and just be snuggled in bed.

After spending some time in our room we headed out to the Tropino Club, the children’s soft play and ball pit area. It’s an easy place for the kids to run about at a much slower pace, and Hubby and I can also sit down too. The girls did get a little emotional with each other after about an hour so we decided to head back to the room.

I actually fell asleep in the room whilst the girls were happily playing. I definitely needed that little snooze. It’s exhausting swimming and running after three children. Everyone had started getting a little bit hangry so we headed out for our dinner at the Sawadee restaurant. We ordered the girls some “safe” food of pizza and fizzy cola.

I weirdly didn’t take any photos from our evening swim on our final night stay at Tropical Islands Resort. But we did, I promise! I honestly love the night swims, they are magical and it was much quieter on the Sunday night. The girls loved swimming. You can see the videos from our night swim in the main video at the top of this blog post.

We showered everybody when we got back and then got cosy in our pyjamas ready for bed. Everyone was very overtired and fell asleep within seconds. I had started to feel that horrible anxious feelings about leaving the next day. Do you get that? 

Don’t forget to come back soon to read all about our final day at Tropical Islands and also remember to read our previous days too. Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. We were gifted our accommodation only. I have full editorial control.

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