Tropical Islands Resort Travel Diary – Day 4

Let’s start with the important things, did you read all about our first day at Tropical Islands, or the second day or even the third? If you haven’t, please make sure you do so you don’t miss out on any of our family photos and experiences. You can also find our full review from our travels to Tropical Islands here which gives you more knowledge of the Resort and all its offerings.

You may also like to watch our fourth and final day as you can get truly immersed instead. Here it is:

I definitely think we all felt a bit sad waking up on our very last day at Tropical Islands. I was feeling those sickening butterflies in my tummy as we got ready to head for breakfast. Honestly, last days are just so emotional.

We headed for the Sawadee restaurant as it offers a buffet style choice – perfect for children! It was actually the first time that Elsa actually ate a decent amount, she consumed so much toast on our last morning. I definitely overindulged in the donuts because they were simply delicious and a great treat. I’d love to learn how to make them for a naughty weekend treat at home.

After breakfast we took a slow walk back to our room. Tropical Islands was quieter, I assumed that people had checked out on the Sunday, it was now Monday. The girls loved exploring the statues a little closer and taking all the sights in.

You are required to check out of your rooms at 11am on your check out day, but can stay onsite up until midnight that same day. It’s incredible! We decided to stay in the room until the very last minute, so the girls chilled out playing and I finished packing our last bits before joining Hubby on the bed for a lay down. Our flight home wasn’t until 9pm so we had a long day ahead.

We said our goodbyes to the room and headed to the lockers. As I’ve said in my full review of Tropical Islands, you are given lockers for the duration of your visit, we actually didn’t use them whilst we had our room but did on the first few hours after arrival, and our last day. We then headed for some swimming fun. 

We spent such a long time playing on the sand by the Tropical Sea pool whilst Freya did the water rides of Jungle Splash. Then we hopped in the pool. It took ages to persuade Elsa to come in with us and I kept trying to remind her that it would be the last time.

We had made the decision to do each pool one last time but spend lots of time in each. We headed outside for the Amazonia pool. Eva had lots of fun in the whirlpool with Hubby whilst I bobbed up and down with Freya and Elsa in the lazy river. It was a foggy day with lots of laughs.

Of course our final pool visit had to be in the Lagoon. It’s the warmer indoor pool and the girls can stand up in it. I love the atmosphere from the waterfall. Hubby and I were able to watch the girls laughing and joking with each other which was really sweet.

Everyone had started to get hungry at this point and a little bit fed up. It was a strange day full of different emotions. We headed back to the locker area to grab our showering bits and get changed. We’d all decided to finish the swimming for our holiday. Hang up our towels for the last time.

After getting ourselves into our throw on clothes and the dresses that the girls had lived in the entire holiday, we headed for lunch. We played it safe again with a pizza and chips. Honestly the girls were probably beginning to turn into pizzas by the end of our holiday.

We spent the rest of our time in the Tropino Club. It was definitely about taking things slowly, preserving energy for travel and allowing the time to tick by. It was actually a lovely atmosphere seeing the sun start to set on the dome.

Before checking out of Tropical Islands, we took one last walk. I captured this moment of Freya and Eva, they were both suddenly really emotional about leaving. I felt awful for them. We’d had such a brilliant time as a family and a totally new experience for them.

We had a change of clothes, back to the cold weather clothes as it’s easy to forget that outside the dome it was barely above freezing! We paid our bill and headed for the rental car.

Sadly our journey home wasn’t quite as smooth sailing as the journey to Germany. Poor little Eva began to feel sick, not from motion sickness but we actually think she had caught a little tummy bug as she was poorly the following day too.

We saw the new year in together, arriving home at about midnight with three exhausted girls. Our little holiday was just what we all needed to finish off 2018. The girls all had such a brilliant time. It was exhausting but I know we’ve made memories to last a life time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Tropical Island Resort videos and blog posts. Do check them out if you haven’t seen them yet!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. We were gifted our accommodation only. I have full editorial control.

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