Trunki ToddlePak Purple Review

The moment P2 learnt that are feet meant independence and took those first wobbly steps we knew she was going to cause trouble! Within a few days she was fast, very fast, and interested in absolutely everything she shouldn’t be, like cupboards and stairs. Trips out quickly became the most stressful thing in our lives. Hubby and I were unable to discuss what we fancied for dinner whilst in the Frozen aisle of the supermarket without our conversation being interrupted by one of us having to dart after the toddler that was escaping round the corner.

We tried various reins and backpacks but they were all so difficult to use or just plain ugly so we struggled on without reins. P2 seems to have grown up a lot lately and she runs off less in public, however, I didn’t pass up the opportunity to review the new ToddlePak from Trunki which promises to be amazing.

toddlepak bear

P2 was having her nap when the ToddlePak arrived so “Bear” was used as a model to practise on. I’m glad I did because I was completely confused at first with how to do the adjusting which was promised to be simple. The ToddlePak has a unique clip which adjusts both the shoulders and waist at the same time making things much easier for a wiggle toddler that’s ready to run off. Watch the video below for tips on adjusting the strap. The adjusting strap is hidden under the flap at the front using velcro and is actually really simple and easier on a real person!

toddlepak wearing

Although much thicker than the old fashioned reins, they are actually really light. The heaviest part is the clips of the reins. The reins have two features; training rein & leading rein. The shorter training rein is perfect for support during those early steps and the leading rein is long enough, without being too long, to give your toddler some independence.

trunki out

These are by far the best toddler reins I’ve ever seen. With reflective areas perfect for these cold winter evenings and light weight adjustable straps it just ticks all the boxes. P2 adores the cute little character on the front. She’s happy to wear it both inside and out with zero tantrums because it’s so light weight she barely realises it’s there.

There are 7 characters to choose from and they each cost £17.99. I do think this is slightly pricey but it is totally worth every penny. We can now have stress-free trips out knowing that P2 is safe. We’ll be using these reins with P3 too!


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Funky and modern reins!

Really simple and effective way of keeping your toddler safe whilst out and about.

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