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One thing we have noticed about P1s personality and possibly due to autism, is that she finds clothing extremely uncomfortable and especially school uniform. Because let’s face it, who ever felt comfortable wearing their uniform?! Now this is thinking quite far in advance really but we were sent some Trutex school wear to review and you can find your local stockist or learn more about Trutex visit

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I decided to order P1 her Autumn/winter uniform so that she could grow into them. The decision was also made because her current Autumn/winter uniform causes many tantrums as she finds them itchy or too far up her neck, the list goes on. In our package was a two packs of long sleeve shirts (2 shirts in each), two packs of short sleeve blouses (2 in each pack), two skirts and two pinafores. The whole lot came to just over £100 which I think it excellent value actually.

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On the shirts/blouses the collar has a really cool little elasticised but that buttons up. This makes the collar much more flexible which really appeals to P1. The fabric feels such good quality, the fabric is actually 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It claims to be Easy Care which I think means that it doesn’t need ironing and it definitely feels more durable.

The skirt is thick and has the elasticated size adjusting tabs which for P1 who is much smaller than children her age, is great. These skirts are going to last her a lifetime or school I personally think. The little pleats are just so cute too! As for the pinafore, it’s incredibly light and has a really beautiful flower embroidered onto the chest pocket. It has a beautiful pleat in the skirt part and has a easy to use zip which is great for children to undress themselves.

I am so pleased with these school wear items and they certainly beat supermarket own in terms of quality. The price reflects the brand well yet is still completely affordable. What’s more important is that P1 hasn’t moaned one time about her clothing, oh well apart from her socks. To purchase Trutex uniform visit your local uniform shop or buy online at

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  1. we tend to use trutex clothing for uniform and its fairly sturdy.

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