“t’s crazy just how homely the house feels already”

We have moved into our new home. A place for me to bring up my daughters, become a fantastic mother and soon-to-be wife. It’s crazy just how homely the house feels already.

P1 has stayed back in Essex tonight and I’m missing her more than ever which doesn’t usually happen! I usually enjoy the time out from her constant chatting but since losing Nan I’ve wanted to keep her close by.

I’m also really missing Mum and Stepdad. We didn’t used to spend many evenings together, my OH and me would shut ourselves in the bedroom, but knowing they were within arms reach was comforting.

I keep feeling really upset when I think about my Grandad too, how far away he is and his age. Things have changed so much for him, losing his lifelong partner and friend, P1 heading off to school and then losing his Granddaughter too. I know I’ll still see him but again, knowing he is close was comforting.

Kent is going to bring some amazing opportunities for our little family. I can feel it! Here’s our house when it was empty… (Full photos will be taken tomorrow)
20130907-112333 PM.jpg

20130907-111742 PM.jpg

20130907-111751 PM.jpg

20130907-111800 PM.jpg

20130907-111804 PM.jpg

20130907-111809 PM.jpg

20130907-111830 PM.jpg

20130907-111825 PM.jpg

20130907-111820 PM.jpg

20130907-111928 PM.jpg

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