Turtle Mats Country Living Duck Review

We have one of those doors that opens straight into our living room. It is certainly not an ideal situation when you have three children in the household crawling around near the door, near the germs from our shoes and visitors shoes that come. We did have a tiny door mat which was doing part of its job but it wasn’t quite right for us. It was stiff, it was small and it was ugly. Everything you’d expect from a low end shop.

I was approached to review a door mat. At first I didn’t really want to but when I showed my Hubby, he immediately got unusually excited and started measuring the gap of our doorway. He was ecstatic. Very odd. So I responded to the email I have received and here it is, our new Country Living Duck Turtle Mat which fits perfectly.

turtle mat

Firstly, how cute are the little ducks on the mat? Yup. Anyway, this mat is much heavier than a normal door mat and the underneath is rubbery which teamed together stops it from slipping around. I didn’t realise just how much a simple thing could change things. It’s easy to hoover and it traps dirt amazingly.


The Country Living Duck mat is also super soft, just like a carpet which means the girls have quite enjoyed playing and sitting near it. The fact it is machine washable means I can easily pop it in the laundry each week to get rid of germs and grub that has come into our home, not just hoover what we can see and I feel much calmer about the girls being near it.

The Country Living Duck costs £49.95 for this specific size (60 x 85cm) and there’s also a bigger size too. I really think it’s worth that amount of money. A door mat is such a simple neglected part of the house that we all are most likely guilty of saving pennies on rather than investing in a really good quality, durable and stylish mat.


Value for Money

A really good quality and machine washable door mat.

User Rating: 4.7 ( 2 votes)

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I love the rubber bottomed idea – I bet that’ll be useful.

    Lizzie Dripping

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