Two Weeks In Isolation

It’s the 30th March, which is exactly two weeks since I picked up my girls up from school for the last time. At the time I wasn’t 100% sure it would be the last so I didn’t really cherish it like it was.

Fourteen days has actually sped past. I think I’ve thrown my mind into preparing their virtual school work and trying to keep a routine, that I haven’t really had time to stop.

Today has felt like a tricky day for me. I’ve had a hormonal headache and I’ve battled with my girls over their schoolwork. Mainly Eva actually. She’s never been good at homework with me, we usually have a tutor who works on homework with her. So taking on the role of her teacher for the time being is proving to be quite difficult.

I’m tired. I’m haven’t had a full night of sleep for two weeks. But today I’ve lost motivation and dare I say it, I’m a bit bored of life being so same-y. It’s going to be this way for the foreseeable future so I know I’ve just got to pick myself up and carry on. I’m extremely grateful that we are healthy and as safe as can be.

Moving forward from this day, I’m going to put less tasks on the girls virtual school timetables. I’m going to try set myself a goal for each day, something like “declutter bathroom”, “declutter one kitchen cupboard” or “read a chapter of a book”. A goal that’s really achievable to help me feel productive.

Sorry for this very pointless blog post. It’s a weird time. I feel weird but I want to document my feelings as much as I can.

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