Typical Illness

Guess who’s suddenly come down with sickness… All four of us!!

How typical is that. We all go on holiday – P1 has a terrible cough, P2 has a gunky eye, my OH has a growing cyst thing, and I have a cold. Yesterday, I couldn’t bend over without dripping everywhere and I kept sneezing. By the end of the day I felt like absolute rubbish… Today, my nose is bright red but not running away anywhere. It’s bare able.

My OH had to pop out (10miles) to get some calpol for a coughing P1 at 7am this morning. Bless him.

We had a lovely meal cooked by a chef that came to the house last night for the Grandparents anniversary meal. I was a bit nervous I wouldn’t like what I’d chose but it was absolutely gorgeous. Interrupted by boobie a lot! but gorgeous.

I realised that this is our first little holiday as a completed family AND it’s on the Grandparents 50th anniversary AND my OH has all his mums side of the family here. A very special weekend.

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