My Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Since starting my blog back in 2013, I have found a love for travel. I’m really enjoying exploring not just the UK but venturing abroad too. I’ve decided to make a bucket list for all the places I’d love to visit, not just in 2018 but through my life too.

With Kids:

1) Canada

Hubby’s Auntie lives in Canada. I’ve seen pictures and heard the stories and it’s been somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for six years. Personally I can’t decide whether a summer trip would be best due to the hot sunshine or a winter one with snow!

2) Scotland

I used to travel every year to Scotland to visit my Grandad’s sister. They were holidays I remember so well from my childhood and I’d love to explore with the girls and as an adult.

3) Florida

We went to Universal Orlando in 2016 and fell in love with our tour guide. We’ve stayed in touch and I’d love to go back. The girls are desperate to see her and I would also love to explore further as we stayed on Resort the entire holiday. Disney would definitely be a lifetime dream.

4) Lapland

Who wouldn’t want to go to see Father Christmas with their children?! I’ve always wanted to plan a trip that goes over Christmas Day too. A real magical experience.

5) Berlin

Hubby and I went to Tropical Islands in Germany recently. We loved it and want to take the girls back there. I’d love to go for a longer period so that we can explore other attractions.

6) Isle of Wight

We have a trip planned this year already and are so excited for it. We love the island and all it has to offer. We usually go in the summer holidays so this year it will be interesting to see how things are different at other times of the year.

Without Kids:

1) Thailand

Specifically Koh Samui for it’s pure beauty. It has stunning sandy beaches, little boat cruises of the islands and water falls to capture. I reckon it would be a magical destination for Hubby and I to visit together and truly escape.

2) Maldives

This has always been on my travel bucket list. The calm blue water, the accommodation that sits on top, the peace. Who wouldn’t want to travel there?!

3) Egypt

I’m sort of terrified because of past news stories but I’ve always had this desire to see the pyramids ever since I studied them in Primary School.

4) New York

I’d love to experience the whole big city thing. The busyness and the shops. You always see it in the movies or programmes and I’d love to live it for a week.

So there’s my ten destinations that I really want to tick off my list. What is your top place to visit?

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  1. I remember your Disney posts and all about how fab the staff were – I bet the girls would love to go back!

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