Unicorn Themed Birthday Box From Not Another Birthday

As a mum of two primary aged children (so far), I sometimes find it a struggle to come up with unique ideas to gift their friends when they have parties. I wanted to share with you a great solution to the gifting problem. We were sent this themed birthday box from Not Another Birthday.

Who is behind Not Another Birthday?

Not Another Birthday is a company set up by two mothers from Suffolk who like me, found the whole birthday scene rather daunting. They came up with the name as a sort of tongue in cheek “not another one” when party invites started arriving in abundance. They’ve put together products that will help parents and friends sort out the birthday dilemmas.

But what is Not Another Birthday?

Not Another Birthday have gift bundles (cheaper), little extras and the Themed Gift Boxes. There are different themes for boys and girls, like dinosaurs and fairies. We were sent the Unicorn Box with Puppets. The product choice isn’t huge but there’s bound to be something for all. Generally they are suitable for ages 3-5 years but there are some boxes for 5-8 year olds. This Unicorn Box was definitely suited for the older age group.

What’s inside a themed gift box?

Firstly, the gift box itself can be coloured in or painted. So the box offers a fun activity for children initially before you even open to find the gifts inside. It has a space to write the child’s name on too.

All the gifts are cutely wrapped in different coloured tissue paper. Our unicorn box had five gifts included. Obviously each box is themed so the gifts inside aren’t random, they’ll related to the theme – unicorns in our case. We had a rainbow hair clip, a make your own unicorn wand, make your own unicorn puppets, the Not Another Birthday notebook and a tube of pencils.

How much does a themed box cost?

The themed boxes are all £20. I actually think this is quite a lot of money for the targeted audience of parents buying for their children’s friends. I usually budget £10 for a school friends gift but maybe I’m too frugal. Do you spend more? The quality however is really good and the gifts were really fun. P3 thoroughly enjoyed watching me make the unicorn puppets for her and has had loads of fun with them.

Can we see what’s inside?

P3 really wanted to film a video of us unboxing. She’s definitely a bloggers child. So here it is. I do like doing unboxing videos as you can really see what’s inside properly. I hope you enjoy it, don’t forget to subscribe over there!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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