Unveiling Their Inner Genie With Fisher-Price Shimmer & Shine Toys

In the first year of my blogging journey I got to work with Fisher-Price. Our house rapidly became a museum of their toys but as the girls got older the Fisher-Price toys moved on to new owners and the plastic reduced. The thing is, for me FP produced toys for younger children and that’s the view I have carried with me for a long time now. Until I was asked to review some new Shimmer and Shine Toys which are for ages three and above. 

I am going to be honest, I had to watch a few of the Shimmer and Shine episodes as we don’t watch live TV anymore. I was actually super impressed. The TV programme is about two genies-in-training who grant wishes for their best friend Leah. I loved how the story line was promoting the fs t that things don’t always go right but you can always put things right by coming up with a plan. It’s such a sweet, bright animated programme.

I was quite excited for the girls to receive their magical box and find some new toys to capture their imagination. A bright pink box arrived inside the usual cardboard outer. Inside it was full of shredded pink paper hiding the Shimmer and Shine toys. P1 and P2 instantly started singing the very catchy Shimmer and Shine theme tune. They’d apparently watched the programme whilst with their Grandparents in Essex. P3 starting copying her big sisters and delving into the shredded paper to find the toys.

We were sent the Fisher-Price Float & Sing Palace Friends playset and the Talking Shine Doll. There was also a cute pouch of sparkly gems, diamond bubbles and two cute colour changing tea light candles to help them really get into the spirit. I was pretty impressed that the toys looked exactly like the TV characters, bold and bright in colour and super cute. 

The Float & Sing Palace Friends playset comes with two smaller Shimmer and Shine dolls with a soft long ponytail. Their little skirts are detachable. The sofa has a little clip to attach either Shimmer or Shine on and it can be moved up and down to magically float a genie. There’s also two little pillows on the sides for the genie’s pets Tala and Nahal to rest. The sofa plays well known phrases and songs.

The Shine Talking Doll is soft and squidgy except her head which is obviously hard like the little dolls. She too plays her own phrases and I really love how motivational they are. P3 adores the Talking Doll and has been taking her out during the day. Her outfit is sparkly and she too has a soft ponytail.

I was quite grateful when we received our magical box from Fisher-Price as it was half way through the half term. Our half term was a wash out with two of the girls being hit with chest infections. The Shimmer and Shine toys honestly gave the girls a lift of mood as they laid out their gems, turned on their little candles and pretended to grant wishes for the little genie pets.

There are other really brilliant Shimmer and Shine toys in the new range including some really lovely bath toys. I have my eyes on the boat specifically. The Float & Sing Palace Friends playset costs just under £29.99 and is the most expensive of the new range with the Talking Dolls costing £24.99.

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Value For Money


These are super cute, bright toys to brighten the imagination.

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  1. My little girl loves this show, she watches it nonstop. I had no idea they had toys like these I will have to add them to her birthday list as she will adore them X

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