Using Colour To Create The Perfect Country Themed Home

If you want to create the ideal country themed home then you should take a good look at nature, be aware of the different seasons and, most important of all, bear in mind that many berries and flowers come in gloriously flamboyant colours as well as more subdued hues.

One room at a time

In the bedroom, for example, if you have a beautifully comfortable bed from, you might want to dress your bed with a selection of pillows and cushions. From gentle floral prints to exciting textiles, as shown on the Country Living website, you can bring nature into your room. There are no hard and fast rules about colour, but if you do select brightly patterned cushions and lampshades, then a refreshing eau de nile, or even a light shade of grey as a painted backdrop, would enhance your bedroom.

The look in general

In order to select a themed colour scheme, take a look at each of the rooms that you plan to decorate, work out whether you need to upgrade the accessories or can simply repaint the wall. If you have a lot of heavy dark coloured furniture, then lighten the mood with a light coloured ceiling, and paint your walls in a refreshing light taupe or teal. The ceiling doesn’t have to be uniformly white, you could have a terracotta wall with a light taupe colour and only paint your skirting boards white. Always look at the amount of natural light that comes into your room.

Be bold

Anyone who has visited any National Trust properties will be aware of the range of colours that are employed in their country houses. A house that’s uniformly white is quite dull unless you have wonderful accessories and artwork to offset this very safe colour. The House to Home website displays a wonderfully vivid green hallway to reflect a feeling of woodland and verdant spring. Even if you live in the inner city, it is quite possible to bring nature into your life through the use of colour. A copper or terracotta wall in a kitchen always makes the room feel warm and welcoming. Subtle grey painted furniture decorated with stencils of plants or herbs can look especially effective.

Reflect the sky

A combination of different shades of blue on the ceiling and walls not only reflects the sky, but the wonderful shades of summer’s delphiniums and spring’s bluebells.

If you are in any doubt about whether certain colours will suit your home, measure your room, point out the position of your windows on your plan and then head down to your local paint shop for advice. Striking reds and blues that may look wonderful in a catalogue may look terrible in your house and ruin the effect that you’re trying to create. 

Country themed homes give an impression of relaxed living by reflecting nature.

By using different hues of certain colours you’ll be able to enjoy the pleasures of country living in your own house, if only in your imagination.

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