Valentines Day Delights

A little update on the Lent situation… I’ve decided to join in with the 40 Acts and will be posting daily with my progress.

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day since 2007 has been a bad day of the year. One I tend to brush under the nearest mat. A very commercialised event.

14th February 2007 our 9month old Whippet puppy literally dropped dead whilst my sister and I took them (we had two – Dublin & Angel) for a walk. I still have the vision, the memory of her running about then stopping by the tree and collapsing. I remember it like it was yesterday. For a 14year old it was pretty scary.

From then on… Valentines Day just seemed pointless. This year something feels different. It’s my OH and my first valentines together. My OH feels the same way about VD – such a commercial day. But nevertheless; last night he gave my present early.

No traditional flowers and chocolates. I asked for a chocolate gateau for my birthday cake… But never got one. For my OH to remember now for VD means a lot.

I bought him a candle. My OH is a bit feminine sometimes. He loves candles. For his birthday last year (we’d only been together a few weeks at the time) I bought him a candle from GettingPersonal and he loved it. We used it all the time. So I bought the exact same one for his VD present. He seemed happy.

Maybe we’ve just started our own tradition for VD. chocolate gateau and chocolate orange candle!

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