A Visit To Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park

It has already been two weeks since we had a two night sleepover with my Grandad. Time is just flying past and I’ve actually had all the photos ready in the post since the day after we visited Marsh Farm.


Marsh Farm holds so many memories for me. School trips and visits with my Grandparents, my Mum and my friends. It’s always been such a lovely place to go. It’s a farm, if you hadn’t already guessed, and from my memories you are greeted with the gift shop then the vast field that had a petting barn and huge play area. There was pigs, cows, sheep and chickens. You were able to see the tiny newborn piglets in the “incubators” with their mum’s. So much nostalgia when I think back.


I’ve been desperate to go back so when I knew we were having a sleepover with my Grandad I decided to book tickets. It was during the Easter Holidays and it was advertised to have “Essex’s biggest Easter Egg Hunt” so that alone was pretty exciting for me. Marsh Farm has changed so much. The gift shop is half the size at the entrance, there is now the little tea room that was always there but it’s bigger and better.


The large playground has been altered. It’s still amazing with a huge sandy area and loads of all aged play equipment. Although I can’t remember seeing the much loved horse and cart I enjoyed playing on the most. Instead of a huge empty field, there are now Alpacas and Llamas which was so lovely for the girls to see.


Immediately P3 stepped into a puddle with her shoes and was soaked. The other two had wellies on and all three were running off in different directions. It followed like this all day which stressed both my Grandad and me out but we still had so much fun. My girls are obsessed with animals and I loved seeing their faces light up as my Grandad explained each and every one to them.


I think the best part of the day was the Easter Egg Hunt and the characters from Alice and Wonderland that really made the day so much fun for my girls. The egg hunt was designed so there were hundreds of plastic eggs placed around an Easter themed field. They were each given buckets and told to bring as many eggs back and put them in the wheel barrows. It was so cute to see P3 joining in properly and P1 race about like crazy. P2 helped my Grandad to pick up the eggs and I captured some lovely moments of my girls having fun with their Great-Grandad.


The reward was of course chocolate and that fuelled their hyperness for the afternoon. The characters were so lively and although P2 was terrified of the Mad Hatter, I definitely think they made the day. There was a brilliant Bonnet parade at the end of the day and more chocolate was handed out.


By the end of the day we were all exhausted. I have created a little video of our sleepover trip with my Grandad which features videos from our Marsh Farm day out. If you are in the Essex area I would highly recommend paying a visit. We had such a super day full of amazing memories.

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  1. Looks really fun we love to visit farms! Love all your photos xx

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. Looks like grandad had a great day too

  3. Hannah - Budding Smiles

    It looks lovely, I’m taking Toby to our local farm tomorrow if I’m not in labour xx

  4. What a fab place. I grew up surrounded by farms and fields and I miss things like this! We have a similar place to this around 10 miles away from us and will be going when the weather is better.

    Laura x x x

  5. We went to a farm today and it was brilliant. A lovely way to get the kids close to animals and the outdoors.

  6. Oh wow! This farm looks amazing, I can’t believe you got to milk a cow! Xx

  7. What a lovely day out. We took Blake to our local farm over the Easter weekend which was g1reat fun and we would love to go again.

  8. What a wonderful way to spend time with grandad. They look so happy!! Really like the farm seems full of activities, you could never get bored 🙂 xx

  9. Oh my gosh I love this! I grew up on a farm as a child with cows and sheep; so I’m familiar with farming and animals. But I love anything like this that encourages children from all walks of life and backgrounds to see what goes into farming and where milk comes from and all that! Such a great place x

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