Losing Motivation & Visiting The Ducks

I’ve been really struggling this winter to find the motivation for adventures. Our year last year was so busy and full of fun exciting things that when the cold hit, I wanted to hibernate through it and chill out. P2 had a full month off nursery and we got into a bit of a lazy routine of pyjama days, movies and being at home.

I was quite happy with our new laid back routine but even now that school and nursery has been back in full swing for a good few weeks, I’ve still found that my motivation was left in 2016. I’m desperate to find it again because I feel like I’m a prisoner to my home with hubby doing most school runs and me avoiding the outside world altogether.

I think hubby could sense my need to escape and he could also see that I had no real intention to escape at the same time. So he forced me out of the house for a little walk after the nursery pick up a few weeks ago and we headed to feed the ducks. We haven’t been to feed them for a long time but it used to be our favourite quick trip all of last summer, especially when we had to walk each day when our car was broken.

It was nice to breathe some fresh hair and see the magic of winter in the lakes. There was ice over the lake and seagulls standing on it. The girls were laughing and throwing bread to the geese and ducks. I remembered why I love being outside and spent most of last year in the open. I’m hoping that as my blog life gets busier with trips and events that my motivation will be forced back to me so that I can enjoy our personal life and adventures.

Do you find winter so depressing or is it a magical time of the year for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts and get some tips to boost my motivation.

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  1. It’s so much more effort to get out in the Winter, but I hate staying in all the time, so always get out and about. Means more washing though due to the mud!

  2. Hope you get your motivation back soon. It is hard when the weather is so wet, cold and miserable. It was half term for us last week here in Cardiff and the weather was so rubbish. Hopefully spring is on its way, and there’s nothing like the return of the warmer weather to persuade you to venture outside. x

  3. Winter is a difficult time to feel motivated at all, it’s the sluggish season. The Lakes as in the Lake District? Wish you’d have said I’d have met up for a brew and bird feeding x

  4. I quite enjoy the relaxing and staying indoors. I never feel too bad about it. The weather definitely affects my need to be active!

  5. I feel the opposite this week – for some reason all my positivity has returned and I feel really happy. I’ll send some positive vibes your way x x

  6. I might not be the best person to give tips because I love love love Winter, after Fall, Winter is my favorite season. Maybe because I suffer a lot during Summer.
    However if you manage to go on Google and check things you can do in Winter season with you family I’m sure you’ll find a list of activities that you can actually relate 🙂

  7. Winter is hard to feel positive sometimes isn’t it? I find making a to-do list helps. Then it forces me to get up and do certain things – even if it is just one or two things per day!

  8. I am definitely feeling like this too. I’m pregnant with my 2nd baby and I feel like all we do in my days when I’m not at work is watch TV! Xx

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