Vlogmas 2016 Week One

When Vlogmas 2015 ended, I immediately knew I wanted to take part in Vlogmas again and have been looking forward to it the entire year. We are now at the end of the first week and I wanted to share the playlist with you all so you can all look back and hopefully follow me for the rest of my journey towards Christmas.

This first week of Vlogmas 2016 has been pretty hectic if I’m honest. Trying to juggle parenting, blog work and editing my Vlogmas videos has been tough. I think I am slowly getting into the swing of things though and finding a little routine. Our week has already been full of festive fun and I have no words to describe just how excited I am for Christmas Day.

Who else is doing vlogmas? I would love to be able to follow your journey’s too or maybe you are blogging every day in the lead up to Christmas?

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  1. Well done you for keeping it up, i think i would fail miserably!! xx

  2. Steph (@steph_baybee)

    I thought about doing it, but because I don’t upload videos regularly at the moment I think my editing would take too long to do it each day! Well done for sticking with it and fitting everything in!

  3. You must be so busy doing vlogmas, but at least you have some lovely memories to look back on! x

  4. I’ve been loving everyones vlogmas! So much fun x

  5. I really wanted to do it but just knew I wouldn’t have the time x

  6. We have been doing vlogmas! I am finding it a lot harden than I thought though xxx

  7. I am not brave enough to do vlogging but I like following your journey. I am trying to blog everyday anyway but it is not always working out because I have a full time job as well.

  8. I can’t imagine how busy it would be to add in editing a video every night! I’m not sure I’ll so it as the past week or so have been so hectic. I’m blogging every day though! x

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