VTech Gadget The Robot Review

After weeks of P1 nagging at me that she wanting Gadget The Robot in her birthday/Christmas list thanks to the VTech advert for him, I was over the moon when he arrived through our front door.

IMG_9098I was a little worried at first, noisy toys are so frustrating! But Gadget is more than just a toy, he’s a whole lot of learning fun! Gadget comes with 30 learning tokens that get stored in his backpack. There are 6 modes of play and he also reacts to clapping.

20131022-112722 am.jpg

Explore it – teaches letters, he tells you the letter and then a word that begins with it.

Charge me up – teaches numbers, he shows a number and asks you to put that amount of tokens inside him.

Super speller – teaches spelling, spells out the word on the token by turning his ears.

Follow along – teaches colours and body parts, he asks you to turn various parts of his body, for example his green eye, or his purple ear.

Robot rock – teaches songs, he sings and dances when you clap your hands.


Gadget’s quiz – this game I think is really clever. He asks various questions and you need to put the correct token inside him and turn his nose. He tells you if it’s wrong or right.20131022-112538 am.jpg

What’s even  better about Gadget is that he turns himself off if you don’t interact with him for a certain amount of time! So you don’t get terrified in the night by a toy suddenly talking to you from deep inside the toy box. It also saves on your battery bills.


P1 has really enjoyed playing with him and I do believe that he has helped her with her words. Especially now she is at school and is learning each day anyway. She thinks Gadget is her friend too which is nice. During the day, when P1 cannot see, her little sister tends to play with him too. I’m hoping that Gadget will soon be P2s little learning friend.


You can purchase Gadget directly with VTech for £39.99 and he definitely needs to be put in every 3-7year old child this year!


(This product was sent to me free of charge by VTech. However, all opinions are of my own)

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