Warning Mothering Sunday Fast Approaching

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. My first Mothering Sunday as a mum of two.

Last year my OH and I spent our first “date” shopping for Mother’s Day presents. Funny how you remember those things. A year on I’m happier than ever and have a beautiful little family.

I’ve got to put my trust in my OH to sort my Mother’s Day out but also to sort his own mother’s present. He’s so forgetful and disorganised and his mum definitely deserves to be made to feel like a princess.

I personally hate flowers. A lot of my friends get really treated for Mother’s Day but all I’d be happy with is pancakes in bed for breakfast, a lay in, a long bath and a long massage. But I somehow think with breastfeeding and having a teeny baby means I’ll probably have to settle for pancakes… Hint Hint!!!!

These were my presents last year that my Mum sorted for me:

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