Watching My Daughters Grow

Quite obviously the hot topic this week has been about the School Admissions and quite rightly so but for me, all I keep thinking every time I look at my three daughters is just how fast the time is going. Their childhood is swiftly passing us by. This week has seen a few changes that I’ve seen in their behaviours and seeing as I started this blog to document those things, I wanted to write about them.


Princess 1

  • She has her first wobbly tooth as of tonight. I had just put her to bed and I heard her shout “Mummy I have my first wobbly tooth”, normally I’d have told her to go back to sleep and be quiet but this was different. It’s quite exciting and scary for a child. She now wants to eat hula hoops as that’s what I was eating when one of my teeth fell out.
  • She has become so helpful with general things. She makes her own breakfast and for P2. Puts away her own clothes when I’ve folded them and sometimes her sisters too.
  • At the end of the day she tidies up all toys. It’s become a routine and she’s pretty good at it. Puts things back where they should be.
  • She is reading or at least giving it a go and is doing it so well. It seems like a long time since she was at school.


Princess 2

  • She is only wearing a nappy at night. I can’ t remember the last time she had an accident and we’ve even stopped putting pull-ups on during day trips out.
  • She has dropped day time naps it seems. It happened suddenly and something I’m feeling quite upset about. I’ve lost my day time break.
  • She has stopped using her dummy completely and it didn’t seem to phase her too much.
  • She has said some very funny things and has her own little way. “Mummy I NEED it”.


Princess 3

  • She is now sitting up nearly unaided wanting to play with everything. She hates laying down and she looks so grown up doing the sitting.
  • She doesn’t like to nap on me any more and goes into her cot during the day.
  • She wants to feed herself rather than be fed. The look on her face when you try to spoon something into her mouth is hilarious.
  • She has moved into her cot at night. At bedtime she feeds herself her milk bottle and falls to sleep by herself.

I really can’t believe that we have been a completed family for six months already. I’m still and always will be experiencing “firsts” with P1 that I’ll then get to experience with the other two. I sometimes have to pinch myself. I’m 22 years old and a mother to three and a wife. That’s just crazy! As a family we have our bad days and our good days. I really am enjoying every day as a parent though.

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  1. What a beautiful family you have. To have been blessed with three lovely little girls and a husband at 22, I’m a tad jealous. Lovely to capture their milestones and growth in this way, what a lovely blog. xx

  2. Three girls! You are a lucky woman! They look gorgeous, little angels, aren’t they! There are always good days and bad days but family is worth all the battles 😉

    Dash xx

  3. Elizabeth Rebecca

    They are so cute together.

    Lizzie Dripping

  4. Ahhh they are beautiful. I feel the same – my twins are growing so fast and it’s scary. A few years for us yet with school admissions but I bet it’ll be here in no time! Lovely pictures too x

  5. Time flies when you’re having fun!
    Gorgeous photos and your girls sound absolutely lovely. Enjoy every moment! They grow up far too fast x

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