We Are Taking Part In Vlogmas 2018

It’s so cliche to say that the year has gone by in a dash. Everyone says it all of the time but truly it has! We’ve had a big year with many changes and lots of fun.

This is just a quick post to let you know that I am taking part in vlogmas this year, the fourth year in a row. For those who might not know what vlogmas is, it’s where you film or upload every day in the lead up to Christmas.

I have previously done exactly that. Uploading a day in the life video each day until Boxing Day. However, this year to make it a little easier on me I have decided to follow my usual YouTube schedule.

I will be filming Monday-Thursday and uploading that at 7pm on Sunday. Then filming Friday-Sunday and popping that live at 7pm on Wednesday. I may add some random gift guides in off schedule so look out for those.

I have been excited all year for vlogmas, so would absolutely love to have you on our festive adventure with us so please head over to Subscribe. I’m hoping to reach the 1,500 subscribers mark by the end of this year!

Here’s the playlist ready for this year’s vlogmas going live tonight at 7pm!! 

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