“We became quickly stressed out by our ant invasion”

We had a busy day yesterday. Out from 11-6. We went on a nature trail, fed the ducks and then visited family. We arrived home feeling quite tired and needing to get dinner on before bedtime only to find out the house had been invaded by ants!!

It isn’t the first time it’s happened. About a week ago they started appearing near the front door and around our sofa. We took drastic action; poured boiling hot water on them outside, cleaned the inside floor completely to take away any trail they’d left and hubby poured some bleach into the gap we think they are coming from outside. This stopped them up until yesterday.

We had about 10-15 ants crawling around our kitchen from the back door, and another 5 or so near our front door. We put P1 on the duty of stomping on the ones near the front door whilst we tackled the back door. It was very nearly bedtime and we became quickly stressed out by our ant invasion.

Just before bed my throat suddenly became very sore, my eyes were watering and my nose running. Symptoms of a cold. Until this morning, after a night of no sleep due to not being able to swallow properly and in pain, it dawned on me that maybe my symptoms were due to the bleach fumes that off some reason I could still smell.

I’ve spent the whole of today airing the house and panicking that I have something called “Chemical Pneumonitis”. Even this evening I can still smell/taste bleach and am not convinced it’s just a cold, but hubby being hubby who’s rubbish at giving sympathy has sent me to bed. Probably to stop me moaning about how I’m feeling!

Although I spoke to my Grandad who suggested it could be hay-fever which could possibly make sense as we went on a nature trail and to feed the ducks yesterday.20140513-085321 pm.jpgTips on getting rid of ants would be appreciated?!

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