“We don’t get invited to parties very often so I was quite excited”

20130901-043532 PM.jpgWe (my OH and me) when to a party last night. Wait for it, it was my OHs best friends’ girlfriends’ best friends party, lost you? I’d met her before at a pole dancing lesson we attended. We don’t get invited to parties very often so I was quite excited. The girls were invited too, we didn’t end up taking them as my Mum offered to babysit.

I wanted to look my absolute best. I tend to wear high heels now all the time as I’m petite (4ft 8in) and my OH is quite tall (6ft 2in). I spent ages on my makeup and even painted my fingers and toes! Then tried on several outfits in an attempt to make my lopsided boobies unnoticeable. This is my problem at the moment and the thing that makes me feel so down. I feel ugly.

I managed to find a perfect outfit and we headed off to the party with one side of my bra stuffed with four washable breast pads to even out the load (a regular occurrence). We had a really good night out and I even had a few mischievous alcoholic drinks seeing as I’m not breastfeeding my OH kept telling me to let my hair down as I don’t get the chance very often. It was much appreciated. He even did a night feed, that he shockingly doesn’t remember doing.

We were up early today to meet my friend for a play date with the kids. Her son is exactly 4 weeks younger than P2. I haven’t seen her for a while and it was lovely to see how grown up and similar both the babies were. Screeching, eating, grabbing and smiling.
20130901-044555 PM.jpgIt’s been a really nice weekend ahead of P1 starting school. We even went shopping for pack lunch grub which I’m finding all a little overwhelming. I can’t believe she’s starting school so soon. Where did my little 4lb 13oz baby go?!

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