“We have a crawler”

We have a crawler. This is the first real indication that our baby is becoming independent and grown up. With this independence has come increased dangers.
20131207-114226 pm.jpgIt happened overnight, one minute we had a bum shuffling, arms-dragging-body-in-a-circle little 9 month old then we woke up one morning and she got up onto her hands and knees and started to move forwards. Slowly, but she was persistent and pretty much learned the art of crawling in just one day!

This is what prompt my mass house cleanup. Our house wasn’t baby safe! It was just child safe. Safe for someone who understands the word no and what not to touch!

P2 still manages to find something she shouldn’t have to entertain her; P1s colouring pencils, the tv remote, the Sky box or Xbox, a tiny weeny crumb, the stools, the stairs and emptying out her cloth nappy shelves. She loves it, she’s so much more content with life now that she can get exactly what she wants when she wants it. I’m feeling more and more exhausted as her speed increases.

P2 tends to sleep more during the day now. She’ll have her usually 9:30-10:30/11am nap and her 1:30-2:30/3pm nap but she’ll also occasionally have a power nap just before dinner. If she doesn’t she tends to get really cranky at around 6 – too early to put to bed, too late for a nap.

If she has the dinnertime nap, she doesn’t go to bed until 9:30, but when this happens she actually sleeps better. Friday night she slept through!!!! 9:30-7:20! But I’d rather be waking once a night if it means we get a peaceful evening.

P1 isn’t exactly impressed by her sister being able to attack her drawing materials and the fact she wants to do whatever she is doing. It’s sweet really, P2 clearly loves her big sister but P1 has always liked her own space and to play alone. I guess it’s something they’ve got to adjust to!
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