We Have A Threenager

As if having to struggle each day with P3 having awful, early, terrible twos wasn’t bad enough, we have been thrown in the deep end with P2 experiencing some serious threenager moments. She is struggling in herself I think and it’s really painful for me to witness it each day.

Some days she is the sweetest. She is kind, caring and will continuously tell us that she loves us. Then there’s the other days or even snippets of her day where she is completely disconnected from me especially. She’ll do something nasty to her baby sister and will obviously have to be disciplined for it, but that’s when she gives me her scowl. I then get told that I am not her friend and that she doesn’t like me.  It’s heartbreaking. 

threenager photo 1

She seems to have a lot of anger that builds up inside of her. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s struggling to express herself in the way she wants to or what but it worries me. She lashes out randomly at both her sisters and at me. Never Daddy. She stomps her feet and shouts too. It feels like a tiny flash forward into her teenage years and if that is true then we are going to have our hands full.

P2 is such a darling though. She is the funniest of the three with her cheeky ways. She can be so incredibly loving and sweet. One thing that she always does after her mini teenage strop is that she will apologise. It may take a few minutes or even an hour to get that apology, but she does and it is always the sweetest of things. She doesn’t just say sorry, she will also give the reason why she’s saying sorry and what it was she had done wrong.

I love our little threenager to bits but it does terrify me for when we will be parenting teenagers. 

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful threes… her tantrums will subside dont worry x

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