“We survived the hottest day of the year!”

Yesterday, 1st July 2015, marked the hottest July day in the UK so far. Temperatures soared to 36.7C in many parts of the UK. I checked my weather app regularly and the highest we saw in Kent was 34C. A crazy, dangerous temperature but I’m pleased to announce that we survived the hottest day of the year.

2015-06-30 13.24.04

As I’ve said many times in my posts in the past few weeks, I’m determined to enjoy every last inch of the sun. But it’s certainly possible to be too hot and completely unbearable. Both Tuesday and Wednesday we headed to a local Ford Crossing in Eynsford.

We’d come across it last year and apart from P1 screaming from lack of confidence and being pregnant in the heat, we did enjoy the time spent there. I’d completely forgot about it until hubby reminded us on Tuesday. We were all lounging about in the heat, doing a few bits of housework but generally being really lazy. Hubby declared that we were going to the Ford and I’m so glad he did. 

ford summer 2015

The water is chilly but it’s so refreshing to be able to have a splash about whilst the sun beats down on your skin. A contrast of hot and cold. It’s beautiful. It gets quite busy because it truly is a lovely place to visit with a pub there too serving lovely food so we didn’t go with P1 but we do have plans to if the warm weather sticks a little longer.

P2 had so much fun she actually cried when we had to leave which is very odd for her. The water isn’t too deep and on the second day we took some bath toys to make the time there a little more entertaining. Hubby is ordering a little floating boat/crocodile so that we can take it to the top of the river and float down. P2 also loved watching the bigger vehicles driving through the water, she thought that was simply awesome!

pool summer 2015

After school on a Wednesday P1 goes to an after-school club, my MiL had put up her pool so we decided to pick P1 up early. She always gets really upset about being picked up early from her club but this time we had an even better reason so she wasn’t too bothered.

We were out in my MiLs garden all evening watching the kids splash in the pool and grow their confidence. P1 even went under a few times. P3 wasn’t overly keen on the cool water but instead was happy playing on the blanket with a cup of water and a straw. Oh and eating mini cornettos!

2015-07-01 17.16.40-1

It really is weather like this that makes me so desperate for a garden. To be able to eat our dinner outside, to be able to watch the girls explore and learn about their surroundings, to cool off in the summer evenings and have BBQs. Plus, a paddling pool is a great way to cool off in the sun. Hubby and I even had a go going down the slide!

How are you surviving the heatwave?

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  1. Michelle (@AFamilyChatter)

    I bet going to the Ford was so refreshing! We also have a slide going into our pool in the garden but you’re pool is so deep, so it looks like great fun!! I would of definitely had a go too! 🙂 x

  2. Water had to be the way forward last week. We didn’t have it as hot in Cornwall but still enjoyed a paddle in the river and over our ford. Looks like you returned to a great spot to take the heat out of the day and I love the slide into the paddling pool. Well done on having a go too, I bet the kids love visiting their Grandparents there. Thankyou for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  3. Ahh! It looks like you have been having a fab time…..I love the slide into the paddling pool! x

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